December 7, 2011

White Dog and The White Dog Army
Wonderful World Wednesday
White Dog and Quinn have been enjoying a continuing discussion with Dragon’s dad, Gregg, about the ability of pups to experience emotions. He was surprised to discover recent scientific studies have concluded that dogs experience grief, considered a “higher order” thinking skill. They have talked about studies of dogs in groups exhibiting a sense of fairness. Everyone knows Dogs love unconditionally and express joy that can be clearly read for the emotional release that it is.

Over and over in the media we have learned of canines who, for no practical or instinctual or trained reason (and often at great danger to themselves), take action that is heroic and voluntary. It can only be motivated by compassion, to us the most highly developed of emotions.

We share this story and encourage your thoughts on this incredible Yellow Lab with a beautiful heart and no real reason to do what he did. To us, it is evidence that we all, not just humans who might learn a thing or two from us, have a part to play in making the World a wonderful place.

Dog Rescues Kittens Left For Dead On Busy Roadside


When animals make the news in this type of story, often times it’s not for the reason you had hoped. You’ve heard it before, the tales of dogs and cats being killed by their ruthless owners.

Thankfully for us, this is not that type of story.

This is a heroic story of a yellow lab named Reagan who discovered a batch of kittens left to die on an Iowa roadside, and did everything in his power to save them.

A litter of four or five kittens had been sealed into a bag of Meow Mix and left on a roadside in rural Iowa to be run over by highway traffic.

The courageous dog Reagan dragged the bag all the way home, whining until his owner opened it. The dog’s owner found two kittens barely clinging to life, while the rest of the litter hadn’t survived.

The Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary was called, prompting a quick response to try and save the two kittens that had been badly injured after being run over.
“They had been run over by a vehicle. It was not a pretty sight,” Linda Blakely of the animal shelter told WHOTV.com.

Good news for Reagan, though, as the animal shelter literally nursed the two kittens – Skipper and Tipper – back to health. The two little guys were bottle-fed every two hours until they got back to full health.

Looking at Skipper and Tipper today, you can’t even tell that they had been involved with such an ordeal. See what they look like in the video below, which also shows the heroic dog Reagan who saved them.


Amber DaWeenie said...

This kind of a story just brings tears to my eyes. Sad tears for the loss and the horrible cruelty these babies had to endure and then happy tears for the survival of the two that made it and especially for that wonderful dog who saved them.

Nola said...

This made me want to cry. I can't understand how anyone could be so cruel. But what a courageous dog!
Dachshund Nola

Stella said...

Its hard to imagine this kind of cruelty, but what a thrill to know this beautiful Lab saved the two survivors.

Cheers for Mr. Lab!

Stella and Ziva Zophia

24 Paws of Love said...

That was beautiful. I too was almost brought to tears of sadness, anger and most of all joy. Thank you.

Random Felines said...

Yep - the world needs more dogs and less people like the ones who abused those kittens!!

Remington said...

Such a sad story but yet happy in the end.... Our Dudley was a baby left in a box with 7 other babies taped up in a box on the railroad tracks. Someone found them and brought them to the Human Society Beth work with....she fell in love with him and he has been with her for 12 great years!

Brian said...

That dog is a hero in every sense of the word. The only better outcome would have been if it tracked down the evil humans that did this and bit them on the rump. Critters are so much wiser than most humans realize.ingi

KB said...

As your story shows, I think that dogs experience, know, and feel far more than we give them credit for.

And, imho, Labs are simply amazing :)

Sagira said...

What a hero he is. :)