March 24, 2012

White Dog and the White Dog Army looked up as Steve went out to the kitchen. A post lunch snack? Treats in the making? He started pulling bottles and containers out from under the sink--the cleaning supplies storage. The WDA resettled themselves into mid day napping positions.

Suddenly the speakers were blaring "The Dog Days Are Over, The Dog Days Are Done, The Horses Are Coming..." Five white heads popped up in unison as Steve carried in dusting cloths, the feather duster, and a bunch of different cleaning potions. He pushed a bucket along with his foot, and dragged the vacuum behind him. He was singing a slightly different version of the song, " dog naps are over, dog naps are done, Spring cleaning has started so you'd better RUN!"

WD took him at his word and relocated her nap to the bed. Puff headed to her crate. Quinn took his leave when Steve began pulling the furniture away from the walls and tipping chairs forward to attack the dust monsters living beneath. YoYoMa pressed against me until he saw one of his bee toys under the leather reading chair; he dashed over and nabbed it then joined WD in the bedroom.

Nuka stayed to supervise and comment on the quality of Steve's work in the living room as he dusted from ceiling fan to baseboards; he scrubbed and wood oiled the flooring around the carpet; he vacuumed cushions and crevices; he shampooed heavily trafficked areas. Michael had helped give us a head start earlier in the week when he washed down the blinds and window sills.

It took Steve until nearly sunset and the WDA drifted in to inspect the progress. The house smelled fresh and the living room sparkled from Steve's thorough care. Quinn came into the house with Steve who had stepped into the courtyard to snip a branch from our flowering plum. He placed the graceful arcing spray of pink into a vase then he and TOWD carried it in to place upon the hearth.

The room was serene in its clean glow, lovely flowers and colorful sunset peeking in our windows. Steve sank into a chair to admire his work. Quinn, standing at his side, took a deep sniff and raised his head, seeming to search for something. Then he marked the carpet... And YoYoMa laid down to pluck clumps of fur from his shedding coat...

"The Dog Days Are Baaaaack!" they seemd to both sing.


Nola said...

Oh yeah Mom was spring cleaning the other day. It's like humans become possessed!
Dachshund Nola

Amber DaWeenie said...

Sounds what like SHOULD be happening at my house with the spring cleaning stuff. But Mom is still a bit under the weather so she hasn't started yet. Stoopid Bronkitis!

Ginger Jasper said...

Nothing quite like a house all spring cleaned and sparkling but it doesnt take long for fur to make it look just like home mol.. Hugs GJ xx

Kari in Vegas said...

Spring cleaning... nope never done it ;)

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