March 9, 2012

White Dog sounded the alarm the minute the box was carried off of the Brown Truck. When Steve brought it in and set it on the chair, the WDA formed a protective phalanx sniffing and waiting in anticipation. It was torture when he left to run some errands without first opening the box. White Dog already KNEW what was inside and she was drawn again and again to check it out.

After dinner, it was time to open the box and Steve rallied the White Dog Army around.

The larder at White Dog Ranch was down to only one purple bag and the restocking mission to Costco found that (cover your ears and eyes, you faint of heart)...they were temporarily out of stock! So I did what any caring momma would do...I pulled out the plastic card and went online to Amazon. Just in the nick of time, too, since we opened the LAST bag in our home stash yesterday, leaving the WDA totally flying without a safety net, treat-wise. Sure we have about 6,328 other different kinds of treats but this was our LAST bag of duck jerky, no reserve.

After discovering that we once again had a failsafe, the White Ones offered a prayer of gratitude to the Universe, to Amazon, and to the Brown guys...then they tried to coerce Steve into opening the bag to hand out samples.


Holly said...

Yay for Amazon, plastic cards and the brown guys and the Universe!!!!

Holly said...

Yay for Amazon, plastic cards and the brown guys and the Universe!!!!

haopee said...

You make every single day exciting and a simple process as opening a box becomes an adventure worth remembering for a lifetime.

I love the video and reading your post just makes it more colorful.

Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Jerrrrkkkkyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Huggies and Cheese,


Jo's World said...

What a very good story! The part I love best is when all those tails start wagging . . .it must get breezy when that begins!

We went to fill up the treat box and Stella gets to visit at the Pet Dept. Sniffs everything but seems to be happy with what she got.

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Brian said...

WOW that was a close one, but fortunately they arrived just in the nick of time!

Ginger Jasper said...

First reading and then watching and the story comes alive. I just loved seeing al thosee waging tails and sweet faces. Yay for Amazon.. Hugs GJ xx