April 13, 2012

White Dog whined, "We NEVER get to go ANYWHERE!" And in no time she had the rest of the White Dog Army joining her protests. Steve and I had been discussing the evening's plan of driving up to Santa Fe to attend a friend's art show opening and viewing her new fiber sculpture works.

"We know Rebekah, too!" Nuka pushed the argument. "And she likes us a lot," added Puff. YoYoMa asked,"Isn't there cheese at these receptions?" "The point is dear White Ones the gallery owners are not going to allow dogs, even the best behaved ones, at the opening. "

There was a stunned silence. "Maybe we could just ride along and wait in the car," Quinn suggested, "you could tell Rebekah we were there and maybe it would make her happy  know that we wanted to be there, too." "We wait in the van lots of times," White Dog jumped in, "and Santa Fe is always cooler because it is higher and it is only 65 degree here." "PLEEEEZE!" the WDA sang.

They could tell I was weakening. I looked at Steve who shrugged. "Thanks for being my Rock," I muttered to him. "Give me five minutes to think about this," I said. I had hoped for a bit of time to be alone and objective in my thoughts. Didn't happen. It was like the final question on "Jeapordy!" Nuka and Puff paced. Quinn sat against Steve showing me his best "I love you" face. YoYoMa brought me his piggy to hold as I pondered and then sat on my foot. White Dog, my soul daemon? She crawled up into my arms and rested her silky neck against the side of my face. Care to guess my answer? Needless to say, I did not dress in black.

"All right, you can ride along. You must wait in the car and no promises that Rebekah will even come out...she is the guest of honor and will have lots of people to greet and talk with. And after, dad and I will try to find a restaurant with a nice patio that isn't too cold, but you will probably have to wait in the car again; Santa Fe is not as dog friendly as Albuquerque. But we WILL find a Park in between for a little walk. Agreed?"

I looked up and Steve was already strapping on harnesses. "ROAD TRIP" was the new chant.

Afternote: Rebekah DID duck out for a brief hello the the WDA...and brought along several of the reception attendees to meet her fan club of White Dogs.


Jo's World said...

Some pups get allll the fun!

Stella, Jo and Zkhat

Agnes B Bullock said...

LOL! At least the WDA are art lovers! (And white is the new black for their Moms!) (The DWM do this all the time when we leave!)

Brian said...

Well anyone would come out to the car to see such a famous and beautiful Army!

Nola said...

I don't think anyone has will power after puppy eyes!
Dachshund Nola

KB said...

I can't ever say no to those eyes either! I'm glad that WDA got to see their friend!

Kari in Vegas said...

I am sure they were a hit with all guests who met them

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