April 17, 2012

White Dog held her breath and the others peeked around the corner as I fired up the computer. Last night's gremlins seem to have gone back into hibernation or maybe I was in a luckier phase of the moon, but so far everything is back to normal. (I superstitiously wonder if the composite lumber that my computer desk is made of still counts as "knocking on wood.")

This morning the White Dog Army, Steve and I went back to Haynes Park for another visit and to meet with the Special Events planner from the City of Rio Rancho. Not only is the Park perfect but the community is supportive and the officials enthusiastic about partnering to make a Walk to End Cancer happen in their town. We are excited and thrilled with such cooperation and were amazed that several of the administration had taken part in last year's walk (in another town) just because they believed in the cause. We are off to a fantastic start and will share the journey as this year's Event shapes up.

Meantime, mark September 30th on your calendars. Anyone who wants to join us in New Mexico is welcome. Please, we once again ask for you to send us a photo and story tribute to your loved ones, two- and four-legged who are cancer heroes or who are Warriors who walk beside us in spirit. Our Tribute Wall was one of the most incredibly moving parts of what we did last year and it is vital to remember those we love and honor.

Here is a look at Haynes Park:
The main pavilion where the Walk will begin and the bands will play.
Shade structure where presentations like Yoga for Me and My Pup and First Aid for Your Pet  will be held.
Views from different parts of the handicap accessible path around the entire park.
Last year's Tribute Wall.


Kari in Vegas said...

Yes we agree, that park look PERFECT

Stop on by for a visit

Nola said...

It is a perfect place! I really wished we lived closer, my mom and I would both walk!
Dachshund Nola

GOOSE said...

What a great park for the event. If we lived closer we would walk. But we will walk here in the spirit of the event.

Asta said...

Deawest white dogses,
How wondewful to have found such a pawfect place and enthoosiastical hoomans to help
I know youw walk will be a hooge success..i wish I could be thewe lending my paw too.

It's gotten gwey and wainy hewe and Mommi is all depwessed again, so no stwoodel (it was apple last time, but Mommi's favowite is souw chewwy)

I take little walks wif Daddi, while Mommi hides out in hew dawk place
Smoochie kisses

Random Felines said...

that park is amazing....and how wonderful that the park and city officials are behind the walk. we can't wait to hear more details!

Brian said...

I think that park is going to help make for a successful event!!!

Ginger Jasper said...

Such a great start for the walk Mum so wishes she could be there..Glad the gremlins are gone... Hugs GJ xx

KB said...

That's a great place for the event. You are such a wonderful army.

It brought tears to my eyes to realize that I'll have a tribute to my K this year... I didn't see that shock coming when you put on this amazing event last year.