April 22, 2012

White Dog read over the flier that Puff had brought home from Dr. Julia's about Fetch-apalooza, a special Pet Adoption Event being held this weekend. "This would be the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day," she announced. "Helping dogs and cats and horses find forever homes would be our way of  showing we care about pet overpopulation and abandoned animals and the other citizens who share our planet."

"But what about Quinn?" Nuka asked, "and I sometimes get nervous and snappy in crowds. I know momma worries I might forget my manners and nip someone." "And I don't really like being around pups I don't know, some are just scary pushy." added Puff.

I expected White Dog to get mad or give up her idea. Instead her serene highness thought for a moment and said, "OK, Quinn, and Nuka and Puff can go to the Park with dad now and honor the earth by walking in the cool green grass and giving thanks for the blue skies and tall trees. It won't be crowded yet and you can go to our hilly park where we always go." "What about me?" YoYoMa pouted.

"YoYoMa, you and I are going to be the ambassadors for the White Dog Army at Fetch-apalooza. Is everyone good with this plan?" My girl was brilliant! And the others all happily agreed knowing that each would be a part of the Earth Day celebration. Off to the Park for some communing with nature, a bit of litter cleanup, and strawberry flavored shaved ice the trio (and Steve) headed.

When we got to Fetch-apalooza, we were overjoyed to see the Event was VERY well attended. More than 40 shelters and rescues were represented and the public was there to adopt and to support. There were pups of every size, breed, and color...many had come with their humans to lend encouragement to those looking for forever homes. The official count from the Saturday turnout was that 291 animals had found homes and while we were there, three adoptions were announced. The rescuers that we knew all reported positive response and much success in adoptions, fundraising, and in raising awareness. After root beer floats under a shade tree, we headed home...stopping first to buy a flat of flowers to plant after sunset. Happy Earth Day!


Asta said...

You awe bwilliant, a twoo leadew,looking out fow evewyone's bestest happiness.that was a gweat solution and a pawfect way to celebwate eawf day..i'm ovewjoyed that so many fuwwkids found loving homes.
I looked at the same sky as you and thought of all the wondews of ouw eawf..i'm so gwatedful fow all we have
Most especially fwiends like yoo
Smoochie kisses

Brian said...

What a great time you all had! I can't believe I totally missed Earth Day, and I'm such a big fan!

Hound Girl said...

Wow that looks like a wonderful time, I am so happy to hear that many animals found their forever homes, what a wonderful way to celebrate.

Ginger Jasper said...

What a purfect day to celebrate and look at all that attended, a great turnout indeed.wonderful... Hugs GJ xx

Suka said...

hey WDA,

Siku Marie, you are such a smart pup! What a super idea, and it sounds like you all ended up having a wonderful Earth Day!

What a great community event to have, adopting and rescuing animals. So furry happy that so many attended, and that it was such a success. The photo of the two of you with your mom is very cute! Especially the smiling pup! :->


Sally Ann and Andy said...

What a great day! Siku, I am a bit like your brother Quinn, as I get a bit nervous around crowds. I don't have fits, but I still get kinda of nervous. Please tell you family I said "hello." Mommy informs me I will be joinin y'all soon. I will bring a "baby" with me for us. You are so pretty. I'm sending you love licks throuht this post. Do y'all want to do something to for Miss Isis. Your Paramore, Andy Stanley

Faith Shen said...

Wow, I'm glad that you join that event, I see a lot of people who participate, I'm sure you had a great time with them.

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