April 25, 2012

White Dog and the White Dog Army
Wonderful World Wednesday
White Dog and each of the White Dog Army each have special songs I sing to them (and have since they joined us) every day. Each knows “his” or “her” tune and as needed it provides a personal intimate moment, comfort, calmness, recentering, or just a connection to good memories.  Music is a Universal language that speaks to every heart and helps make the World better in the midst of thunderstorms or difficult challenges or even death camps. Nothing else has the power to imbue hope and transport one to a place of beauty and safety like music.

Here is a story of music being made in the poorest country in the World, war torn and stricken with immense poverty. 200 musicians play in a symphony that makes one weep with the joy they produce in the midst of child soldiers, horrible atrocities; musicians so dedicated that they travel for hours on foot just to participate. Please honor these heroes by listening to this 60 Minutes segment about their Orchestra…and then sing, howl, mew,bark, gunt, any noise, but sing to add your unique voice to the World's grand chorus.


Brian said...

We all love the music here and it does heal whatever troubles the soul!

Ginger Jasper said...

Wonderful post and yes music realy does heal the soul..Hugs GJ x

Mr. Pip said...

What a lovely story! We also believe in the power of music.

Your pal, Pip

meowmeowmans said...

That's a lovely segment, indeed. Music really does heal the soul, doesn't it?

TwoSpecialWires said...

You knew we'd love it. You know us well. Thank you so much for drawing our attention to this post ...

With a song in our hearts,
Jake and Fergi and OurMoma (and OurGirl ... we'll make sure she sees this, as well)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh thank you so much for sharing this love with us-- its all about love!

Teddy Bear said...

Music is a beautiful thing. What a lovely story.:)

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Asta said...

Ouw heawts sang wif them, but Mommi's teaws stoped hew voice
thank you fow a healing wondew
smoochie kisses

bbes tribe said...

Loved the post and Music does wonders for people and their souls. Us dogs like it too!

Sagira said...

Music does wonders for the soul. :)