April 7, 2012

White Dog and Steve got up very early and spent time making coffee and organizing breakfasts. On Saturdays, Steve goes into the office from 7:30 until one so he can still have most the day to spend with us. She suggested to him that maybe what the White Dog Army needed was a little one-on-one time with dad. "I know you spend every chance you get with all of us but sometimes it is nice to not have to share your attention or to do just something special alone with you."

Steve thought about her suggestion all morning and when he returned he invited Quinn to join him out in Pumpkin to supervise the fixing of a loose wiring harness or some such. WD winked at Steve as TOWD pranced out beside him and the two commenced their private version of "Car Talk." An hour or so later, Quinn bounced in, all smiles, then settled down for a nap; apparently supervising the repairs was exhausting work.

Next, Puff got to go with dad to the hardware store. Riding in the cart, she helped him pick up a faucet replacement for the outside hose bib. They spent a bit of time wandering the aisles as Steve pointed out materials he would need for future projects and showed her the power tools that every man wants. She was most interested in the soil amendments and compost.

Nuka was waiting at the door, tailing wagging; she knew her turn was next. White Dog lifted her head from where she rested on my arm and wagged, too. She knew her plan was building morale and making everyone feel special.

Another White Dog went to the bakery where she waited in the FRONT seat for Steve to purchase freshly baked bread for tomorrow's Easter picnic. He came out with two loaves, still warm, and our girl did a fine "leave it!" A stop for cheese: a goat brie, a Gruyere, and a mushroom cambozola, also for the picnic as next. She had a harder time not sniffing the white butcher paper parcels but proved herself a worthy guardian of the goodies. She, too, needed a nap when the cheese was laid to rest in the refrigerator.

YoYoMa was certain that he was going to be gypped. He just laid in the middle of the room looking at Steve and sighed. Steve held up his harness. "Any boy want to go for a walk?" he asked and YAWD was up and at his sideia heartbeat. Walks are one of YoYoMa's favorite things. He waited patiently for his sisters to join them, like for evening walks. "Not this time, big boy, just you and me!" He bounded out to the door trotting alongside Steve. The were gone long enough that both needed HUGE chugs of water then plopped down to get off of their feet.

Not to be forgotten, Steve looked at White Dog. "Best for last," he said. She looked at him. "It is a secret," he said, "in to the van."  Half an hour later both were swarmed by the pack sniffing and trying to figure out where they had gone. Steve wouldn't say and WD immediately went behind the chairs to be out of the fray. As she peered from the back I detected a tiny smudge of green. "I know where you went," I teasingly whispered to Steve. "That is pistachio gelato isn't it?" "Ssshhhh," he said as he kissed me to hush me up.


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

So, who was Khlikhk and who was Khlakhk?


Brian said...

Oh that was worth waiting for!!!

Kari in Vegas said...

Oh that last trip sounds like the best :)

Stop on by for a visit

Jacqueline said...

You guys are such a wonderful, special family=we always enjoy your stories of love and togetherness!...Happy Easter, precious friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Sagira said...

You guys get to go on the best trips! :)