May 21, 2012

White Dog wished YoYoMa luck as we walked out this morning. "Better you than me!" Puff added. We were our way to Dr. Julia's for YAWD's annual wellness exam.

Our boy was very calm as we waited in the lobby. He stepped confidently onto the scale and Steve read his weight to the tech who held his chart. "Whew boy! Some body is going to get a lecture from Dr. Julia," Steve whispered to me as he used his fingers to indicate YoYoMa's weight.

Taken to the back for routine bloodwork and a heartworm test, YoYoMa returned with his leg wrapped in bright red and held it out for me to fuss over. He hopped onto the exam table with a bit of help and the animal nurse used the footpedals to raise the level as she held the White One and spoke reassuringly.

Then Dr. Julia came in. YoYoMa turned on the charm instantly. He tilted his head. He wagged his tail. He smiled is irresistible grin. She gave him a head hug and ran her hands down his sides. I cringed because I knew what was next.

"Mr. YoYoMa, you have put on some weight. I know you were underweight when you first arrived last year but now I cannot feel any rib structure at all. And that is too tubby..."
Does this hat make my face look fat?
Maybe it is the unflattering angles I am photographed at that make me look heavier
Yo interrupted, "I am extra fluffy because I am blowing coat. It makes me look bigger than I am. And, and I was weighed with my collar on...and my tags,,,AND dad was pulling downward on the leash!"

"You still can stand to lose about 8 lbs. I will grant that you are big boned. But you are at a point in life where your metabolism is changing and weight gain happens easier." Dr. Julia looked at Steve and I. "He gets the same amount of food as Siku does and she is the same age and smaller and she has not gained weight; she was just in" Steve, embarrassed, replied. "Boys sometimes see this change sooner than girl dogs," Dr. Julia explained.

YoYoMa was about to swoon in anticipation. "Don't necessarily change the amount; that will just make him surf the other's bowls, but give him more vegetables than the others and cut back on the snacks." YAWD let out a low howl. "Does he have to give up his duck jerky? He gets two strips a day." "Duck is a low fat protein but no more than two strips...and cut out the cookies." YoYoMa licked the nurse's hand in relief.
At least I can still have my duck jerky, momma! The Dr. said so!
Then Dr. Julia looked at Steve, "Last time you were in you and I were complaining about needing to get more exercise. Here is my prescription for both YoYo and you. Get up a little earlier every morning and go for a walk or run together...every morning. You will both feel better for it and it will help your boy lose the weight." Everything else checked out tiptop and he took his shots without drama.

We got back in the car. YoYoMa let out a deep breath. "OK that is over. Let's stop for ice cream cones."

Steve slowly turned from the wheel to look behind his seat, "How about waiting until we get home and I will fix all of us a nice salad?" YAWD thought for a moment and realized that his vision of ice cream was a mirage. "Extra salad dressing?" Steve laughed. "Maybe one smear of goat cheese!"

"OK, but don't tell the others about the diet, OK?" ""Baby Boy," Steve said cradling his ears and then patting his own tummy, "you and I are partners on this one!" The WDA crowded the door when we got in wanting to know details. "Fit as a fiddle!" Steve announced as everypup had a sniff. YoYoMa smiled in thanks.


Jeanne Pursell said...

Actually it sounds just like some of our vet visits! Shhhhh...we won't tell anybody! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Random Felines said...

we agree with Yo - must have been the fur..... glad you got a (mostly) good report card!

Suka said...

hey YoYoMa,

Sounds like a great Vet visit and so furry happy you are healthy! I wouldn't worry too much about the weight. Eight pounds is not bad, and with the warmer weather all your outdoor activities will help you get back in shape. Good luck!


Jo's World said...

Oh, I wonder what our visit is going to be like! Yelp!



meowmeowmans said...

What a great visit to the vet, Yo! We know that with Dad as your partner, everything is going to be just fine!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

YoYoMa may be a bit heavier that she wants, but that is a true testament to the loving care he gets and how happy he is to be with you. 8 lbs. is a lot to lose for a small dog. If you are successful, let us know the secret. Mom has been trying for almost a year to get some weight off TD and so far she has not been too successful.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

haopee said...

LOL. I don't want to patronize AHEM. But I guess I could understand the unconditional love... and strong powers of pursuasion YAWD has over Steve.

Happy Tuesday, you guys.

Huggies and Cheese,


Kari in Vegas said...

I too tell the Dr that isn't not fair to weigh me with shoes and clothes!

Stop on by for a visit

Brian said...

Well all in all you did great!!,

Brian said...

Well all in all you did great!!,

Tweedles -- that's me said...

You look perfectly healthy
and perfectly loved
and that is what matters.