May 27, 2012

White Dog and Steve woke up early and tentatively sniffed the air. For the first time in days they could not smell smoke. They went outside and the sky was clear and blue, not hazy as it has been. Steve jumped onto the computer and read the latest report on the wildfire in the Gila National Forest. The winds had calmed so the still uncontained blaze, which has now claimed over 122,000 acres, at least no longer stretched its smokey fingers into three states.

We called Dragon and Sen-ge to let them know that we thought a morning trip to the Duck Park would be safe and ok. As a precaution, however, we told the VERY disappointed Puff that she had to stay home. She is still coughing and doesn't see Dr. Julia until Tuesday about her pneumonia. Quinn volunteered to stay home to keep her company.

This was the first time Dragon and Sen-ge have met Oso and the honorary members of our pack gave our newest recruit paws up in welcome. They insisted he walk with THEM around the park and made quite a trio of cuteness as they dragged Gregg along. Candace and Nuka walked together enjoying the day and the ducks while Steve ran with White Dog and YoYoMa. We all sat for a long time by the water in the sunshine just sharing the joys of friendship. More walk time and running tired every pup out. White Dog indicated that the White Dog Army needed to return to those left behind so that all could take advantage of the new low fat treats that were stinky and delicious...dried fish skins.

Pups safely at home, cool, and napping, Gregg, Candace, Steve and I adjourned for dim sum with promises of a doggie box of leftovers.

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Brian said...

I sure hope that smoke continues to leave you alone. Sounds like a terrific day!