May 29, 2012

White Dog leaped to her feet on the bed at the first sounds of Quinn in distress. Slower to awaken, Steve and I sat up to see YoYoMa cowering in the corner by the foot of the bed and Quinn yipping and woofing in fear a few feet away. White Dog hopped down and stood between the two boys while we tried to assess the situation.

Steve, arms around his boy, TOWD, guessed that Quinn must have stumbled on his way to the dog door in the middle of the night darkness and either stepped on or somehow startled YoYoMa. Yo, under my calming strokes was trying to make it VERY clear that he had not done anything wrong and had not hurt his brother. We believe he was being truthful and that this was a case of both dogs frightening each other accidentally. Steve saw TOWD outside and YAWD came to lie next to me by the bed. It took awhile for the White Ones to resettle and return to sleep mode...and even longer for Steve and I to be confident that all was fine...and this morning's alarm seemed to squawk extra early.

YoYoMa is proving to be diligent as an early morning power walker with Steve. In his harness and out in the neighborhood, he will steadily walk without sniffing or distractions at a healthy exercise rate of 4.3 mph. Today, they walked a mile and a half. The hard part, both boys admit, is not having a celebratory pre-breakfast snack when they return.

Puff's follow up with Dr. Julia went well this afternoon. After a rough weekend due to the wildfire smoke, Still Another White Dog sounds less congested. We are able to reduce her Lasix back to once a day but the vet wants to continue the antibiotics for her pneumonia for at least another week. With her health issues, Dr. Julia wants to make sure Puff's lungs are clear and the pneumonia gone.

The White Dog Army realized when Steve walked in from work mid-afternoon that they had dodged the Mopey Late Night Monday of Steve's usual late night teaching. "Yet ANOTHER reason to love long holiday weekends," White Dog opined. There was much rejoicing at White Dog Ranch as dad got to help brush out floof and install the new brush roller in the vacuum cleaner (which has been out of commission nearly a week)! AND salmon salad for dinner! Could a Tuesday get any better?


Hound Girl said...

Im glad to hear yall had a wonderful weekend, we sure did enjoy the extra day around here.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Mom has just started letting Lightning stay out of his crate at night, but she is hoping he doesn't upset the rest of us - he does like to get rambunctious at times. We want our sleep, not playtime.

Paws crossed that Puff continues to do well.

And yes, that long weekend does make everyone happy:)

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Random Felines said...

those extra days are nice.... we hope that everyone settled down and peace was achieved. :)

Amber DaWeenie said...

OMD....You guys have had a rocky time of it. So sorry....But happy to hear that everything is returning to normal again.

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, talk about an extra early wakeup call. Glad to hear everything was okay in the end.

We're glad Puff is doing better -- that wildfire smoke is so horrible.

Yay for brushing out the floof, and hooray for salmon!!! :)


Brian said...

Well it sure turned out good considering the bad start!

Suka said...

hey WDA,

What a wild night! Glad Quinn and YoYoMa were able to sort everything out and no one was hurt. YoYoMa, I am furry impressed with your walking prowess! Great exercise!

Puff, paws crossed you continue to do well and heal. Furry glad you sound better. :->


Mr. Pip said...

Glad to hear Puff's feeling a little better. The wildfires must make it very difficult to breathe!

Long weekends are the best and salmon salad sounds yummy!

Your pal, Pip

Teddy Bear said...

Sounds like a great Tuesday! And salmon salad sounds too delish!

Teddy Bear & Sierra

KB said...

I'm glad that Puff is getting better. We've lived in the situation of a huge wildfire nearby. It's tough. I wish that there were inhalers for dogs (I keep mine by my side all the time at this time of year).

The walking routine sounds perfect!

Kari in Vegas said...

yup we have those late night "ooops I didn't see you" as well

Stop on by for a visit