May 5, 2012

White Dog looked at the clock. "Nothing like bringing it down to the wire, dad! But you are awesome!" The rest of the Army gathered around to add their congratulatins and relief to the moment. But we are jumping a bit...

When last we posted White Dog was lamenting that our 2500th post had been pre-empted by the appearance of two lost pups in need of a place to crash...

Candace and I spent all day callin rescues, shelters and every rescue connected friend we could think of. The answer everywhere was the same, "We are on overload.: "It is puppy season; full up!" "Have you tried..." As we expected, posting signs in the neighborhood yielded no results; we were already pretty certain that these sweet chi-weinies (as we learned they were called) had been driven to the neighborhood and dumped. When the biggest and most generous rescue (the one where Michael used to volunteer) flat out told Candace "you are NOT going to find  a place for them. Take the pair to the Humane Society and hope for the best." we felt defeated.

I pushed further out in my circle and Candace mentally began to prepare herself for the very likely possibility that her rescues were going to a place where there were pretty good odds that they would never leave. Michael even emailed all of his school chums asking if any wanted a pup; he was quite upset at their prospects. Every time Steve walked the little ones, he stopped to talk to those he encountered, telling the story of the little darlings at the end of his leashes and asking if they knew anyone who might be interested in adding a pup to their lives. No luck

The White Dog Army was incredible through the two days. There were no issues at all except when the two pups fought with each other (and they did possessively rough house for toys and attention). Those bad manners made Quinn nervous and prompted all Eskie eyes to turn toward the crate of chirping yipping meanness. YoYoMa showed his nurturing side as a babysitter; he sat beside them most of the time. White Dog kept things under control when the sisters got too whiney or needed attention. The visitors quickly understood that "UGH-UGH!" meant stop what you are doing. As accepting and kind as they wer, the WDA made it clear that THESE were NOT candidates for the Army (and I had to agree thinking of seven dogs and the pains of puppyhood).

With no other options a plan was made where Candace would pick up the two dogs Sunday morning and be at the shelter when they opened. None of us felt very good about the plan. Steve leashed up the girls to take them for a bedtime walk and headed out with the puppies, both bounding with energy.

He came back about 15 minutes later. "Umm, honey? Where are the puppies?" I asked. The White Ones crowded to the door. "I found them a home," he replied. "No, really." "I found them a home."

"You know the grey duplexes a couple of blocks down? We were walking and the brown one stopped to sniff. There was a guy and a woman sitting out in front of one of the houses and the pups went over to say hi. Well the puppies were all over them giving kisses and squirming in their laps and when I told them the story they said they would take them." "Did they seem all right? Should we call Candace?"

"Here's the thing. The couple were next door neighbors. the woman's husband died two days ago unexpectedly. This was the first time in two days she has done anything but cry. The pups made her laugh and smile. They took this as a sign from her husband and have named the dogs after him. Digby. and Wolf. And I called Candace, she is THRILLED!"

"Take the puppy food and the bowls and the toys down to them. If they want the crate, they can have it." White Dog and YoYoMa went with Steve to bring the puppy accessories. When they came back Steve said, "this could not be more destined to be. The guy? He is a friend of Candace's and Gregg's! And I called her back to let her know. They started to talk but he had to cut Candace short because the brown one had just christened her new carpet...and he just laughed and cleaned it up. And the little black one followed him right into his place like she has lived there a thousand years!"

Candace confirmed later that Charlie is a real dog lover and had a pair of Scotties for years until the survivor died at age 16. She is confident that the dogs will sleep on the bed, be pampered and vetted and loved.

And that is the way our blog goes I explained to White Dog. "You just never know what is going to walk down our perfectly ordinary street and knock on our perfectly ordinary door and require a perfectly wonderful miracle which you just happen to have in your pocket! Hooray for dad and the power of the White Dogs!"

Quinn, Nuka and Puff said quietly, "Can we walk over and see where they are living? Just to make sure?"


GOOSE said...

That is absolutely wonderful!!! Just wonderful.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I love storys that end happy

Teddy Bear said...

What wonderful news!!! We hope there will be lots of play dates in the future.:)

Teddy Bear & Sierra

ra husky said...

Happy husky woooooo!!


ps- NanĂ¼k wanted to tell Yo that he helped plant peas and carrots this weekend! Nothin like fresh veges BOL!!

Random Felines said...

OMC!!!! That is so awesome.... how wonderful for those puppies and that their new mom has some much deserved joy in her life. :)

Amber DaWeenie said...

I've been feeling really weepy myself all weekend and this is the first thing that's made me smile.


Shawn said...

Love stories with happy endings! Just read you will be having a visit with Sally and the Kids..have a wonderful time!!

Winston, Chloe and Cecil

Brian said...

That big dose of happy sure made my whiskers grin up! I am so happy for them and you were there for them at just the right time!

Sagira said...

Wow, such a small world. Funny how that all worked out. Glad they have a new home and everything will be good for them. :)

Kari in Vegas said...

What a super happy story!

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