June 18, 2012

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army clung to Steve like glue. The next two weeks are really rough schedule-wise and they are reluctant to spend any time away from his side. He is finishing up the Graduate Seminar he is teaching at the University four mornings a week and then heading to HIS college's  chair responsibilities and two back-to-back late teaching nights. The seminar ends at the end of the month but ultra late Tuesdays and Wednesdays will continue through the beginning of September.

While it is wonderful to be loved, Steve began to feel a bit claustrophobic this morning standing in the bathroom surrounded by five of the Army with YoYoMa lying patiently in the hall just outside. Oso, the newcomer, has no real basis of knowing what double late nights are all about, was nonetheless not about to let Steve slip out of sight. He insisted on walking between Steve's feet, nearly tripping him, which would have caused a WDA domino catastrophe.

For awhile this afternoon it was if we were a climbing team roped together for safety. We moved as a pack, we rested as a pack (locking me into my computer desk), and we stuck close to each others' sides...By late afternoon Eskie independence began to assert itself and tempers flared a bit. We wanted to be close...but not touching. We wanted companionship...but we did not want to share our toys and chews. We wanted to know were the others were at all times...but we wanted some privacy. Things started to shift back to our normal...

And then the much loved and long missed Steve returned...

Did I mention a loving family is an incredible blessing? Makes you feel VERY appreciated after a long hectic day (even if you DO get a little smothered).


Asta said...

I am giggling ovew the WDA domino affect I can just pictoowe it

you awe all blessed to love so much and aways wnt to be neew each othew..it's the bestest thing of all
smoochie kisses

Random Felines said...

yep - a WDA tripping hazard.... it is good to be loved (though sometimes mom says she wishes we would love her from a little further across the bed)

Swimflyaway said...

Hey WDA, my family is moving to ABQ and I was wondering if you could do a post of all the things you love about the city. Like where your park is and favorite resturants. Thank you!

And I totally agree! It's great to be loved.


Swimflyaway said...

Oh, we have 2 Schnauzers, so dog friendly things are importaint.


Suka said...

hey WDA,

Yes, that fine line between closeness and independence. :-> It is so sweet how much you love your WDA dad, and it is extremely heartening to read of the love between all of you. I am sure it is hard sometimes to allow one of you to have a bit of independence now and again, but it is healthy to get away and have alone time.

Paws crossed you all adjust to your new schedule with no problems!


Amber DaWeenie said...

Wonder if Steve felt like he was surrounded by hills of white snow. No way out! :o)

Brian said...

WD smothered is really a wonderful thing!

Nola said...

Glad he didn't trip! What a loving pack

Kari in Vegas said...

your pups and my pups have both learned how to adapt to changing schedules well!

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