June 29, 2012

White Dog stood blocking the door. "First, he gets a new harness and NOW he gets to go to your meeting this morning! Really? Am I not the Queen and have first dibs on everything?" Her grousing got the rest of the White Ones going as well. And Quinn wasn't so in love with the idea of heading out to begin with.

It was already hot AND it was early AND I was running late to get to the meeting about the November Cancer Walk. "OK, here's the story," I said in a tone that warned not to push. "Quinn is going because he has a therapy session right after my meeting and I am not sure I will have enough time to come home and get him. It is not going to be exciting at all. He gets to come with and lie quietly under the chairs while dad and I talk with the folks from Edgewood. THEN he gets to go to the vet. Do you want to go see Dr. Julia?" I waited as each of the WDA shuffled and looked away. "Didn't think so."

When we got back everyone sniffed The Other White Dog to verify he had been where we said we were going. He passed the test and managed to conceal the fact that he had been given half a cheese danish at the meeting (which would have caused major moaning about unfairness).

While I went off to the office to do some followup, Steve sat on the floor with the Army, brushing them out, celebrating that his morning grad seminar was over, and reminding them that he had a day off. I smiled at the lovefest as I left the room. I worked for awhile and then looked up, listening, my momma senses tingling. It was quiet, very quiet. I walked to the living room doorway.

Sleep in the middle of the floor was Steve with his arm wrapped around Quinn. Puff lay butt-to-butt with her brother, stretched along Steve's legs. YoYoMa and Oso snoozed against his back. Nuka rested just beyond the tips of the out-stretched fingers of his other arm. White Dog lay curled in the Momma Chair overseeing her pack. I tiptoed back into the office, my heart aglow.


Ginger Jasper said...

What a wonderful sight you conjured up with your words. beautiful. Sorry I have missed so much last few days but I have been thinking of everyone.. Hugs GJ xx

Jo's World said...

How sweet it is!


Brian said...

It sure sounds like it was quite a nice day and the nap at the end was purrfect!

KB said...

Oh my, what a wonderful vision of Steve and the WDA all snoozing together on the floor.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

And I really do think it was a perfect day!

Kari in Vegas said...

sounds like it was a great day

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