June 3, 2012

White Dog and the others rushed us as we walked in the door..."WELL?"

Here is the Puff Update after our evening visit and discussion with the Internal Medicine Specialist.

Our Puff looked MUCH better as a result of spending the afternoon in the oxygen kennel. Her breathing was easier and her eyes seemed brighter although she still tired easily. She was not allowed out of the oxygen enriched enclosure so we could cuddle her but there were two portals for us to reach in to stroke and comfort our little girl. She had eaten and drank water while we were there.

The radiologist reported (and the vet concurred) that the X-rays showed that the issue was not one of the heart. Yes, her right ventricle is a bit enlarged but both attributed that to her heartworm damage. The best news is that absolutely no evidence of the c monster was found--moving the likelihood of that being an underlying cause way to the bottom of the list (doctors never say 100%). They are also pretty certain that she is not experiencing pulmonary hypertension.

The focus now seems to be on her lungs and bronchial system. Agreeing with our Dr. Julia, Dr. Reese believes Puff has super pneumonia--a combination of both viral and bacterial types. Additionally, there is evidence that she suffers from small artery disease (again probably scar tissue in the small arteries caused by the heart worm).

Still Another White Dog has a severely narrow trachea which may be congenital and this also affects her exhalation (which is the problem, they believe). tomorrow a bronchioscopy will be administered sending a scope down Puff's throat to view the trachea and the point of the bronchial tube where it branches into the lungs. There is a fear that there is a dynamic collapse going on at this point which causes her airway to nearly shut closed when she breathes.

This is the part that is scary because she will have to undergo sedation for this procedure. For tonight the plan is to let her continue to rest in the oxygen chamber and monitor her hourly. The White Ones at home are frantic without their sister. Quinn has manic for the first time in ages and the others are restless and unsettled. All they know is that Puff is not where she should be and things are not right.

Puff the Magical is not yet out of the woods by any means, so please, the WDA begs for your continued positive energy. The awesome Power of this community makes a HUGE difference. Thanks for being there. We will keep you updated.


Brian said...

Oh dear Puff, we are praying and purring constantly and we just refuse to stop until you are all better.

Ginger Jasper said...

We are here and will keep the purrs and prayers going for your sweet girl.. Hope all goes well for the sedation.. HUgs GJ xx

Amber DaWeenie said...

So glad to hear the "c" monster is no where to be found. Having lost Tucker to the "c" monster, and now our Benji also has many lung tumors, that was our greatest concern about Puff. Sending prayers and crossed paws that Puff will be all better and on her way home soon.

Amber & Mom

Random Felines said...

Oh Puff - we are purrin hard that they can help you quick and send you home to your sibs.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We are happy to hear that there is at least some good news here. Here's to another day of oxygen and rest and maybe another even better report. Stay positive. We will keep those paws crossed.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Sam said...

We are keeping her in our prayers and sending hugs for her family!


Suka said...

hey WDA and Family,

Paws crossed and prayers for Puff the Magical. We are so sorry to read of this latest development, but are very happy that both her heart and the c-monster are not the issue. Since they have narrowed down the cause we pray they can heal her and make her breathing much easier.

I know the WDA must be so worried and concerned, but their love toward their sisfur will help Puff in ways they don't understand. Our thoughts are heading out to Puff as well. We know Puff will receive all the loving and healing thoughts heading her way and they will make her feel more at peace knowing she is much loved by so many.

Suka and K

Teddy Bear said...

Oh, Puff, we've got our paws crossed for you. We pray everything goes smoothly and that you aren't in too much pain. We're sending lots of hugs and healing kisses.

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Kari in Vegas said...

well I am so glad to hear she is doing better

Stop on by for a visit