August 11, 2011

White Dog and I watched out of the window as Steve carried Quinn down the stairs and set him firmly on the ground. The Other White Dog took a few tentative wobbly steps but then seemed to find a cadence and slowly walked down the driveway and back without stumbling. He listed a bit on the turn and Steve took him down the drive once again.

TOWD is at least somewhat mobile once again. He can get up and down from a lying position, although he struggles sometimes before gaining footing. He walks better than he has in a week once he get going but he does not have much stamina. The changes Dr. Julia has made to his medications have made a difference there.

But the adjustments seem to indicate that right now we are choosing between correcting Quinn's leg issues and controlling his manic behaviors. As Quinn walks better, he has been pacing more, turning in circles endlessly, and trying to fit into tight spaces that he cannot get out of. He frightens easily and stands staring into a corner or off into space often.

These, of course, are things we will review with Dr. Julia as we talk across the coming week and when she sees him at its end. But for now, it is far better that TOWD is back on his feet and able to move about. The White Dog Army is confident that they can make their brother feel safe and can calm his demons. We hope that as we adjust and tweak and reassess his treatments that we can find a balance that leaves our Mighty Quinn healthy in body AND in mind. 

On a brighter note, the White Dog Army, sans Quinn who stayed home to sleep after pacing until nearly 3am, had a Saturday field trip to Santa Fe. Steve and I were meeting with new supporters Veterinary Cancer Care about setting up a possible roundtable discussion and the Army was invited to meet their yellow Lab, Maggie. WDA had perfect party manners, accepting treats graciously and lying quietly as we talked. After, we stopped to pick up a picnic snack and drove up to the Santa Fe Opera House to show our pack just where we had gone every Saturday in July. Hope your weekend is full of fun and free of excessive weather. 


Nola said...

I'm glad he's more mobile

Jo's World said...

Has Quinn had a stroke? So much of what you say sounds like it. I am glad he is able to be up, but all the activity worries me.

Sue, did you get my recent letter?

Cheers and hugs to all,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Jo's World said...

Has Quinn had a stroke? So much of what you say sounds like it. I am glad he is able to be up, but all the activity worries me.

Sue, did you get my recent letter?

Cheers and hugs to all,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Jo, that is one of the things that Dr. Julia looked at, too, but she seems to think his leg stuff is neurologically based on calcification of the spinal disk at the base of Quinn's skull. It obstructs the spine's ability to send messages down its length and basically "runs out of push" before it reaches the back legs.

As for his manic-ness he has complex focal seizures which the gabapenten was working well to keep under control. However, the leg weakness is a sign of over-administration. That is what we are experimenting to find balance for. Both Dr. Julia and the WDA want to exercise this option as long as possible preferring not to go to phenobarbitol of KBr unless he starts getting violent of losing consciousness. It is just that the balance is a shifting target.

Suka said...

hey WDA,

Quinn, we are so sorry you are having these symptoms. Please know our hearts and thoughts are with you and we are praying for your healing and recovery. My paws are crossed extra hard for you! I am glad your dad is able to help you and I am very glad you have so much love and support surrounding you. The WDA seems like the best set of pals a pup can have during a difficult time.

Suka (and K)

P.S. Thank you for your very kind and warm words and woofs toward my healing. It means so much to me to have the WDA and family praying for me to heal. I feel your love and healing thoughts and I know it is helping. Thank you for being my friend.

haopee said...

Hey WDA and Momma,

I know you are in difficult times but I always try to remind myself of the reasons why even through such times I am lucky. I think you guys are lucky that TOWD has WD and WDA to support him and show him that all will be fine.

We send you our paws of positive energy and prayers that TOWD becomes healthy both in body and mind.

Huggies and Cheese,


Teddy Bear said...

We are so glad to hear Quinn is walking a little better. We'll continue to keep our paws crossed that he keeps getting better and better.

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Jeanne Pursell said...

We will continue to send along our love and prayers for continued healing and well being. xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Amber DaWeenie said...

Poor Quinn. We know all about the pacing and walking in circles. Benji is doing that right now and acting very senile. He can get lost in a corner and is constantly getting trapped under the kitchen chair. But he loves life and is fighting to hang on in spite of his nearly 17 years and his terminal cancer.

Hope Quinn improves soon and gets to feeling a lot better.

Brian said...

We are all sending purrs to Quinn every single day and we are glad for the getting around part fur sure.

Random Felines said...

purrs to Quinn and all of you are you try to get everything balanced.

that meeting sounds very interesting - plus a picnic!!

Ginger Jasper said...

Quinn I am so sorry you have been so poorly. I am glad to read that you are improving a little and hope the vet lady can get the medication right for you. I send large rumbly purrs your way and hope they help.. Hugs GJ xx