August 18, 2012

White Dog and YoYoMa were ready to go before I was. There were kisses to give, and treats to pass out, and momma instructions to tell the rest of the White Dog Army who were staying home to guard White Dog Ranch and to look after Quinn. "We will be home late this afternoon," I said. "Quinn, you are in charge but Puff, you are his assistant."

With that we headed to Woofstock in Edgewood. The Event was held by the Town to raise money for its new pet care facility and to promote pet adoptions. We, of course, were going to spread the word about our Walk to End Cancer being held in the very same location in November.

There were LOTS of pups and people and interesting sights...canine citizenship tests, agility, demonstrations by search and rescue and even a contest (won by the mayor) to have someone "Kiss Baby The Ass." We were situated right across the aisle from a small dog rescue and I fell in love with a tiny Eskie girl. Fortunately, she already had a home with one of the volunteers or that itty bitty White Girl who was a former puppy mill breeder and who had a crushed front leg and deafness would have become the WDA's newest recruit...Steve, WD, and YAWD were VERY happy that she already had a forever home that loved her lots.

We met some pretty interesting folks and made some contacts who will help us in November. It was a great day.
View from our 2MiilionDogs Booth White Dog and Yet Another White Dog are right below the camera taking a break from their ambassador duties...they are like the beautiful human models at a car show...eye floof to draw in the crowd!


Kari in Vegas said...

What a fun outing

Stop on by for a visit

Amber DaWeenie said...

What a wonderful day this must of been for everyone!


Berts Blog said...

What a great day and a great thing to do. My Vickie says we will donate to your walk, next week.

We are very proud of you.

Teddy Bear said...

What a fabulous day for you all.:)

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Brian said...

That looks like such a terrific event!

Ginger Jasper said...

Sounds like a very succesful day and I was glad to hear that the little white girl had a forever home.We havent forgotten about donating and will be doing so soon. Hugs GJ xx

KB said...

I am happy that the tiny white girl had a good home too!

I'm glad to hear that you made good contacts for November. It really is a year-long effort for you, isn't it?

We all thank you.

meowmeowmans said...

Woofstock! What a great event for everyone. And how awesome that the little white girl found a forever home of her very own. :)