August 4, 2012

White Dog REALLY wanted to go to the Growers' Market but she and YoYoMa each had just returned from separate runs with Steve (who was, thanks to his trainers, completely exercised to a froth). Poor Oso, Steve's littlest shadow, had been patiently waiting at the door both times the runners returned and ran up expecting his turn was next. Our stubby legged ambler is not running material but would be a perfect companion for visiting the stalls at the outdoor market and pausing for admirers.

Oso could not believe his good fortune, that HE was going with dad on this special mission. Alone. Just a dog and his man. White Dog raced him to the front door but when told, "It is Oso's turn," she gracefully came back inside and roosted on her watching chair.

"We will ALL go for a ride later this afternoon," Steve promised the rest of the White Dog Army as he and Oso headed out.

It was the perfect shared adventure. While Steve shopped for fruit and vegetables, Oso sniffed and greeted other pups and charmed LOTS of people into stopping to offer a pet and a kind word. At the homemade dog treats booth, Oso stood politely waiting as Steve chose treats to take home for the WDA, then looked up for permission before accepting a sample from the vendor. OAWD thought the oats and peanut butter biscuits were VERY good.

The WDA was torn between sniffing their brother or the bags that Steve carried when they returned. Oso got a once-over by everyone who then quickly isolated the bag that contained the paw print takeout containers that held the oats and peanut butter, cheese and oats, oats and pumpkin treats . A sample was demanded and the WDA granted the lick of approval to Oso's choices.

We did do for a ride later, all except for Quinn who opted to guard the White Dog Ranch...and Oso who was fast asleep and snoring after his arduous adventure.


Asta said...

How lovely and genewoos of white dog and the othew white doggies to give that special gift of time wif his Dad to Oso
Thewe is love galowe at white dog wanch
Smoochie kisses

Sagira said...

Sounds like it was a great day for all especially Oso. So nice to bring back treats to share with the others.

Amber DaWeenie said...

So happy that Oso had a chance to be TOP DOG and go on an outing! The treats sound really yummy!

rottrover said...

Oslo, patience is a virtue! What a nice day you had!

Bart and Ruby

Brian said...

It sure sounds like a very special Oso day!

Teddy Bear said...

What a fun day for you all.:) The treats that Oso picked sound delicious.:)

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Tweedles -- that's me said...

You days and adventures sound so wonderful to me. Your always doing something fun. Seeing new things.
Eating good things,, sharing your time with others.
I love your weekends.