September 24, 2012

White Dog heard me say "congratulations!" into the phone and she immediately went into party planning mode pulling at the duck Jerky bag and then sitting expectantly for me to join her in the kitchen. As the others caught on, the move to plan a celebration became an avalanche although no one had even asked what the congratulations were for.

When Steve walked in the door Thursday night, we had cobbled together a platter of cheese and crackers and had stuffed cherry tomatoes with tuna salad (we also did a version of tuna on dog biscuits). The White Dog Army greeted him jubilantly and led him to sit down. As they wagged and noshed, all of them, Steve shared his news.

When he finished the WDA looked at him, confused. "So you got the honor of more work?" Puff asked incredulously. "We are celebrating that you will have more to do?" YoYoMa echoed. "I don't get it," Nuka yipped shaking her head.

Steve had received a "promotion without a pay increase" at the college. Because of his success as department head of drafting and design, he has been appointed to ALSO chair the newly formed department for business studies. A compliment to his talents and skills but one which will indeed, mean much more work, without additional pay. A bright note, Steve shared with the WDA is that his dean, in sympathy, has told Steve to take extra time off, "off the books", as a sort of compensation. How that will be possible with twice the workload is still to be computed but Steve took Friday off to celebrate.

So today we celebrated Freedom Friday which reminded us of just how much we had all enjoyed Fridays as Saturdays of old. We ran errands, went to the empty Park midday, had a car picnic, and spent late afternoon reading, napping, and just being together with Quinn. We spoiled ourselves.

White Dog, her Serene Highness, usually shares my water glass. Mind you, we have placed a water bowl in every room for Quinn's convenience but it is "dog" water not mine. However, this afternoon my glass was empty. WD barked and looked at the glass. "It is empty, go get a drink from the bowl," I told her. She walked over and sniffed the bowl then came back and put her paws up on my cart where the glass rested. "Don't have any. Sorry." She walked back and forth in front of me clearly expecting this "problem" to be remedied. I ignored this tantrum. She sat in front of the glass and began a low keening. That is when Steve snapped...he got up and filled the glass from the water we keep in the refrigerator. She lapped it up happily when he offered it and then sashayed to her chair cave to take a nap. "You know the bowl was less than 5' away," I asked my Eskie-whipped hubby. "Yes, but she was clearly NOT going to quit until she had a glass of water," he replied. "No way you'll ever be Alpha of this pack," I muttered. He did not argue.

Quinn Update: We are doing hopeful dances of joy. Today is a good day. Our boy is up and walking. In fact for the first time in over a week TOWD went out to the yard under his own power. Steve was at his side and the pace was slow but Quinn actually walked out of the door, down the ramp, did what was needed, came back up the ramp and inside, before melting down in front of the water bowl (the very same one WD disdained). He has been up and strolling the house several times for short circuits and has always needed to rest after but he is up and walking. Paws crossed that this is a turning point but even if it is just one good day, we are thankful and filled with hope.

Have a great weekend.


Random Felines said...

ummmm - concatulations to Steve?? :)

We will agree that it sounds like the WD has him where she wants him. And purrs to Quinn that he continues to have more good days than bad.....

Brian said...

Hooray for Steve that is a nice honor, even without the green papers. Hooray for Quinn too, that made me smile!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Congrats to Steve on the new status. Too bad there isn't more green papers to go along with it, but maybe he will reap rewards in other ways.

So good to hear that Quinn is doing better. Paws crossed it is for more than just one day.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

GOOSE said...

Congrats to Steve I am sure rewards will come it the whole promotion. Glad Quinn had a go day. Here is to more.

Nola said...

Congrats on the new status! And yay for Quinn!

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy White Dog Army, congratulations to Steve on his promotion. It gave you a reason to celebrate and that's great. So glad Quinn is feeling better too. You always sound like a very happy family. It always makes us smile. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Teddy Bear said...

Congratulations to Daddy!!! We're so glad he took a much needed day off the celebrate the occasion. Siku, we love that you drink from a glass. You are such a classy lady. And Quinn, we are thrilled that you had such a good day today. We send prayers and lots of hugs.

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Jo's World said...

Congrats to Steve for the No Dough Promotion. I hope its a very satisfying job and add-on to the resume.

I love that Siku drinks out of your glass. Stella can sometimes talk me into that as well.

Cheers and hugs,