September 26, 2012

White Dog and The White Dog Army
Wonderful World Wednesday

White Dog is a poised and polished spokes dog but when she and I look at the reality of next Sunday’s 2MillionDogs Puppy Up! Walk to End Cancer she is without words. The entire White Dog Army has worked hard since March with very little chance to step back and be objective but now, in the momentary lull we have that opportunity.

What we see amazes us and fills us with so much hope that we can say with certainty that if the world contained only those many many many paws and hands who have reached out to aid our fight to eliminate the c monster that it would prove our point that the world is wonderful.  From every corner of the world our personal little grassroots attempt to make a difference has received support and encouragement.

When Albuquerque refused to understand the importance of the war to end cancer, the city of Rio Rancho called us to offer a location and become partners in planning a Walk that would focus on raising money to fund research not pay fees. They have overwhelmed us in spreading the word and encouraging participation…at all levels from administrative to hands on.

35 local businesses have joined our day as vendors and seventeen became corporate sponsors in our fight. We have had humans and their pups contact us to volunteer to help…hang signs…pass out announcements…provide manpower on Sunday…to stuff envelopes. A special education  teacher called us today to ask if her high school students could come on Sunday and volunteer; that they had heard about the Walk to End Cancer and voted to make it their class project if we would allow them…

Unlike some charities, our efforts do not yet collect six figure donations. Most of our contributions are heartfelt gifts of modest amounts…genuinely given and provided because of the cause not the tax-write-off. Two weekends ago, a young boy of maybe 7 came up to White Dog and me and shyly donated his $3 allowance to “help get rid of the sickness.” How can we not feel hope and power at moments like this?

So many of our heart family, including those who read this, are a constant source of inspiration for us to continue Walking on. In addition to your generous donations to fund the White Dog Army team, many have shared extra pieces of their hearts. The beautiful quilt handmade by WHN from Doxies with Moxie, the lovely afghans by Cappy and Ollie’s mom at Cappy Days, a pair of lovely glasses from repurposed wine bottles made by Arwen’s Pack, a reverse intaglio silver necklace of a Siberian Husky made by a friend of Steve’s, were amazing contributions of talent and time. We have received collars and stuffies, dog treats, candles, and more to be used in our auction and as prizes…we have been touched by the kindness and involvement from our communities.

Two of our blogging family, Two special Wires and Ginger Jasper, have allowed us to tell the story of Fergie, a two-time mammary tumor survivor, and Bill, GJ’s grandpa, who died from lung cancer  after years of working in the mines. By sharing these personal glimpses of  real “people, others better see the incredible toll that the evil one takes. Their stories have helped our campaign of awareness that cancer.touches.everyone.

The most important feature of the day, to me, is the Hero and Tribute Wall. It is here were it all comes together and we are all joined in purpose. The blog world has lost so many to the monster and has been so very generous in contributing photos and stories and sentiments and love to be added to this sacred place. On the day of our Walk we will have nearly one-hundred special spirits watching over us and walking in absentia. This Wall is a focal point of power and our Walk begins here with a promise that none will be forgotten and a realization that we do not Walk alone.  For each of you that have opened tender spots of longing to share loved ones who have fought and lost, we thank you richly. For the stories of survival and cheers of encouragement, you give us hope.

We are honored to Walk with you. As we approach Sunday, we want to take a moment to recognize the wonderful world that is still bountiful with those who care enough to be hopeful and to support a ragtag Army of White Dogs who will not stop until that day (and we KNOW it is coming) when



Amber DaWeenie said...

Thank you for such a heartwarming emotional post. We only wish we could be there to walk with you. We will be there in spirit.

Random Felines said...

Mom got all leaky there for a moment.....we are SO PROUD of you all for the work you are doing and the organizing. we can't be there with you, but we will be there in spirit!!

Suka said...

hey WDA,

Amazing post! You brought tears to our eyes and my human, K, actually got chocked up. The outpouring of love and support you have received from all around is truly inspirational and heartwarming. It renews our Faith in mankind that good people exist and want good things for others. It sounds as if your Walk this year is going to be a smashing success!

Your mom has done such an incredible job, beyond description. For seven months she has given her heart and soul in her battle to end the c monster and it is truly inspirational. How your mom found the time and energy is beyond my human, but we salute her and stand 100% behind her. The Walk on Sunday will be a testament to the spectacular work you and your mom have done. :->

We so wish we could be there on Sunday with you, but please know we are supporting you from our little neck in the woods.

Suka and K

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

We must also send a special thanks to your human K who helped us write the letters and information pieces that went into our campaign to spread the word about 2MillionDogs and our Walks. Her hard-hitting fact telling and compelling arguments were the key to opening eyes and winning supporters. Gigantic thanks.

Brian said...

You all are truly an inspiration for all of us and I love how you tackle this evil monster head on! Go White Dog Army!

Ginger Jasper said...

Amazing post and so hearfelt. I am so honoured that dad was mentioned and know he would be honoured too. Today Iwas actually at the crematorium and was sat on a seat among all the flowers and serenity and was talking to mum and dad. This is something that I do when I need some peace and at times of trouble. I was so thinking that if only there was no more cancer.I so believe in what you are doing and so much am in agreement that the walk is awesome.. Hugs Carol and GJ x

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Thank you White Dog Army and your mum and dad for walking to end this terrible disease. We feel honoured that you are including our angel Oscar on your walk. Thank you from our family to yours. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (and Carol)

KB said...

Truly wonderful. Your hearts are so big and your spirits are so hopeful that I can't help but hope along with you.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Your dedication and committment touches us so deeply.
Thank you seems like little words to say- but they are heart felt,

meowmeowmans said...

We are so honored to be your friends. Thank you for all you are doing to help find a cure, and for being continual sources of hope and inspiration!

Thank you for including that picture of our pal Lloydie. It means so much to all of us at PAWS.

Much love to you all,

Kevin, Tracey, Sammy and Moosey