September 9, 2012

White Dog is a natural. She is poised. She can "read" the need and provide. She is irresistibly appealing. That is what makes her the perfect spokesdog.

We set up a table outside our local pet store (which has always been very supportive of our fight against the c monster) in hopes of increasing awareness about our Walk to End Cancer on September 30th and more importantly (because it is a neighborhood event) about the fundraising cocktail-less cocktail party, Rock the Kasbah, at a local Middle Eastern Restaurant next Sunday. We had posters and information cards all arrayed...and White Dog sat in my arms, half resting on the table.

Those that fundraise for any kind of cause learn quickly to read the crowd. There are those who don't make eye contact. There are those who increase their speed until they are practically running to avoid engagement. There are the tentative ones. Those that are interested are a blessing for they stop and ask and have a conversation and usually walk away with the information. The others are a tougher "catch."

But it is not so hard if the fluffy white dog starts wagging a happy greeting and stretches her neck forward begging to be petted. And if there are kids involved, White Dog goes into full trick mode while one of us starts the critical conversation with the parents who can't drag the kids away from WD's show.

Did I mention my girl is smart? She watched us the first half hour as we slid the information card about the Walk off the pile toward the person we were talking to. And then one of the million times she played "pet me" decoy she put her paw on the stack and pushed it toward the now interested passerby. They took the card with them...and WD looked at me.

We practiced variations on our next few "victims" until we found a method that was smooth, natural, and did not topple the stack. I placed a single card next to her which just sat until she lured another to scratch her ears or pet her side. After a few seconds WD would look them in the face and I would say, "my dog has an important message to share with you." And WD would smoothly push the card at the person! Worked like a charm!

Steve was actually talking to a family who when it came time to gather information wouldn't take it from him instead insisting they wanted "the White Dog" to give it to them!

In the fight against the cancer monster, we do whatever it takes, right?


GOOSE said...

That is oh so very cool. Way to go.

Teddy Bear said...

You are the pawfect spokesfamily. It is wonderful that you are raising awareness of the c monster. We hope many others will want to know more.

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Brian said...

I can't imagine anyone resisting that smile and tail wag!

Jo's World said...

I would be a real pushover for this girl and her "card". Kisses Siku!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Nola said...

Way to go!

KB said...

I love it! Thanks WD!

Random Felines said...

such a smart girl - good going!!