October 16, 2012

White Dog does not know firsthand the concept of going hungry, but the entire White Dog Army has heard what Quinn went through as a street stray and YoYoMa experienced as the man charged with maintaining the dogs at his kennel used food funds to purchase drugs leaving the dogs without. And when they think about the pain and suffering and extrapolate it to hundreds of thousands of children, humans, and animals that regularly do not get enough to eat, they are appalled.

Today is World Food Day, a global movement to call attention to the issues of hunger. The day calls for everyday people to be a part of the solution and take action in your community and around the world. We can end hunger. It will take all of us. There is enough food grown on the planet to feed everyone but distributing it so that all are nourished is complex and fraught with difficulties.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations set aside this day in 1979 and has sponsored World Food Day ever since. According to recent statistics presented by the Food and Agriculture Organization, there are 925 million hungry people in the world. It’s estimated that 98 percent of all hungry people are children who live in developing countries.

The vision for World Food Day 2012 is all about individuals and small proprietors, organizations, churches or clubs, coming together to make a difference. It will take a lot to conquer world hunger but we believe there is exponential power in numbers. 

In this great land, it is inexcusable that people go hungry. It is a problem that is growing. It is a problem we all need to think about and take action against. We need to remove the shame and stop judging and just focus on making sure that every American has a decent meal.

The White Dog Army asks you to join us...and the World...today as we consider how fortunate we are and how we can help those who are not so blessed.

Here is some food for thought:

P.S. Steve is finally feeling some relief; the problem now becomes one of keeping him from overdoing as he loses the reminder of pain to give things time. The WDA is continuing its great job of  keeping dad in line and truly on the road to recovery!


Ginger Jasper said...

You are so right that something needs to be done. We all try but are small voices in a huge world. We just last night saw a program on TV about India and were appalled at the things they haad to do just to scratch a living but were so cheerful and full of hope.Our greatest hope would be for the food and wealth to be distributed evenly and that no one need ever feel hunger and pain. Your cause can do so much good. Thank you. I am glad to hear that Steve is feeling better. Now Steve please dont overdo it.. Hugs GJ xx

Brian said...

Yes, there reslly is plenty to go around if we just all learn to share and play nicely with others!

Random Felines said...

we hope someday this isn't a problem. mom sometimes helps with the food bank at grandma's church and it is sad to see how many families need help (but we are glad the help is there)

KB said...

Thank you for the food for thought. It does seem like a solvable problem, although climate change is not helping the problem.

I am very glad to hear that Steve is feeling better. Spine pain is horrible, and standing/sitting for a 10 hour day is a monumental undertaking for someone with back pain!

Wyatt said...

Good cause, thank you for the info.

Paws crossed for a speedy recovery for Steve. Back pain is no fun :(

Wyatt and Family