October 19, 2012

White Dog dug in her paws and set her face to "stubborn" mode. The rest of the White Dog Army had long since finished their dinners and had received a bonus of two sweet potato and duck treats to celebrate Steve's being named Department Chair of the Year for his work with students, faculty and administration.

White Dog was ready to celebrate with the others until I uttered the challenge...no treats until you eat your dinner, Little One. Her head snapped up and she looked at me and I saw the flash in her eye...I knew that I had just drawn a line in the sand. (The Little White Dog of My Heart is sometimes a bit too much like me, stubborn and unbendable in a challenge). It was now no longer about the treat.

She pointedly stared at the two pieces of sweet potato Steve had waiting for her ("Eat your dinner, Siku.") and when he did not respond, she tapped his leg ("Eat your dinner, Siku."). She exaggerated her sniffing so he might get the hint. "Eat your dinner, Siku."

WD hopped up onto her chair and sniffed the bowl. "Eat your dinner, Siku." Steve placed one of the treats next to her bowl as an incentive. She leaned forward toward it. "Dinner first. Leave it!" WD knows well enough not to press LEAVE IT and I know few dogs who would have sighed and left the treat there. But she did. She tried all of her best guilt producing expressions. Steve was subjected to every manipulation she could think of...and her siblings at this point had gathered around to beg him to "just give it to her."

I thought for sure Steve would buckle but he didn't and White Dog stood up regally on her pillow and began eating. She stopped about halfway through and looked up wanting to negotiate.

"OK, let her have one, but she does not get the other until she finishes," I compromised hoping to provide an incentive and end the mounting stalemate. She argued with Steve; complained of being "full," whined, demanded, and moaned. By now we all had finished eating and had cleaned up.

"One last chance," I said. "Eat your dinner and you can have the treat. If you ignore me then I will put the treat up high until some other time." (YoYoMa and Puff came rushing over to claim it. "No, you have both had yours.") White Dog looked at the treat wantonly and then at her bowl. She thought for a moment and then turned to me with a demonic glare, hopped down and went behind the chair--sacrificing dinner and treat just to save face. That's my girl.


Jo's World said...

Congrats, Steve!

Congrats, Siku!


Brian said...

Well that was great but I'm pretty sure my Dad would have caved!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Just the same as it is with human kids:) Mom wishes Phantom could be lured to eat his dinner by a treat.

Have a good weekend.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Amber DaWeenie said...

Congratulations Steve!

Siku, you're almost as stubborn as me! :o)

Hap-Pee Saturday!

Little Reufus said...

Congratcheulayshuns Steve!!! All the way a round!!!

wif lubbs, raised glass and tibbed hat from Little Reufus

KB said...

Way to go Steve!!! and Siku!

I guess that it's different for white dogs - if a Lab is slow to eat dinner, it's a medical emergency :)

Kari in Vegas said...

Congrats to Steve!

Stop on by for a visit

FiveSibesMom said...

Congratulations! It is time to celebrate (after dinner of course!) We sometimes have to entice some of our Sibe kids by crumbling up treats in their food when they get picky...but, sigh, it does not always work and we sometimes have a food strike or two here!