October 6, 2012

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army, including Steve, are peanut butter addicts. In the early morning before "official" breakfast spoonfuls of the nutty goo take "the edge off" the runners and walkers and dawn-doers while those of us still lazing greet the day more shyly.

Peanut butter and blueberry pancakes are a languid Sunday taste sensation invented by White Dog and Steve, who equally love the purply-blue orbs and warmed runny crunchy peanut butter. And vanilla ice cream with peanut butter on top...the WDA says never trust anyone who turns a nose up at that (unless they show you a doctor's report explaining an allergy)!

It has been with horror turned to impatience turned to grieving loss that the WDA has followed the national recall of natural peanut butters, including our brand of choice. All of the grocers shrug when asked when the beloved jars will be returning. At Costco the clerk shared Steve's pain and confided that SHE has even been tempted to make her own!

Light bulb on! Eureka moment! Hallelujah chorus rises! "How hard can it be," Steve conjectures.

We walked into the house carrying 5lbs. of salted and roasted peanuts (already shelled since Steve was not ready for THAT kind of commitment) and he announced, "White Dog Army! Kitchen Alert! Meet me in 5 minutes and be ready to experiment!"

They were all waiting when he entered the kitchen from the office five minutes later. They surged forward when he lifted the food processor from the shelf and plugged it in on the counter. He scanned the shelves where we store our oils and floofy white faces moved in sync. He reached for the peanut oil and began his explanation to the six sous chefs in attendance. "Since we cannot find any peanut butter that is not tainted AND meets our standards, we, today, are going to make our own!" Tails wagged and WD barked her approval as the project got underway with all earnestness.

I heard whirring and the clicking of nails and the sounds of scraping. Puff came in to check on me and she bore a smudge of brown on the side of her face. There was more whirring and then some pulsing and then YoYoMa's excited thumping as he drummed his leg in happiness. "I think we have it," I heard Steve say.

Then in a procession led by the WDA who came in and sat arrayed around me, Steve came in and offered a spoonful of their creation. "What do you think?" All eyes expectantly watched as I licked a bit then took some on my lips and finally finished the spoon.

"Light, not too oily, just salty enough. a little crunchy but spreadable..GREAT job team!" I congratulated everyone. "we should give this a real test!" "Like on vanilla ice cream?" Steve suggested, loving the thought of two of his favorite foods as a snack. "Sure why not?"

We served up dishes for everyone and the work received rave reviews UNTIL little Oso suddenly looked up very green and startled. "Somebody has overdone it," I barely had time to say before our little fearless one heaved. "Oh,GROSS!" whined Nuka but we weren't sure whether she meant her brother or Puff who was trying to get a closer look (actually taste) of the accident scene. "He WAS the one who had to have alick every time the processor stopped," Steve explained. "I think he overdid it a bit."

"Well, let's call the White Dog Army Peanut Butter recipe a success," I said, "but lets all agree to a 24-hour break. OK?" There were moans from the WDA (and Steve) and I suspect the hiatus will not be honored when I am out of sight.


Kari in Vegas said...

I too am a PB addict. In fact I am about to have some PB honey bread... yum

Stop on by for a visit

GOOSE said...

Love peanut butter too. Glad it was a sucess.

Random Felines said...

what fun (OK - until that last part)....

Remington said...

OH MY! Did I read PEANUT BUTTER? I love it!

Bailey Be Good! said...

We don't eat peanut butter in our house due to allergies, but I'm sure I'd be sad if I liked it and had to get rid of it! :(

Woofs and huggies, <3

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

Ginger Jasper said...

Believe it or not I havn't ever tried PB but think I may have to see what I am missing.. Hugs GJ xx

Brian said...

Peanut Butter is one of my Dad's favorites!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We keep waiting for the recall to get even more widespread. Our Dad likes his PB and we do enjoy a taste of his toast in the morning with a little dab of PB.

Hope Oso is doing better today.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Sagira said...

How cool that you all made your on PB! It sure is yummy. :)