October 9, 2012

White Dog, who was sitting on the arm of my chair, looked around the room and asked, "Are you sure you didn't sneak in new members of the White Dog Army during the night?" I feigned shock and laughed which brought the rest of the WDA over to get in on the joke.

I had to admit with the hot breaths of five White Ones breaking over my lap and WD's body heat at my neck, the room did seem a little smaller today. When Quinn settled flat with my foot trapped under him I found that I had no room to wiggle out because Puff slept in front of me and Nuka was butted up against her on the other side. Oso filled in the crescent the two girls created and YoYoMa slept on the outside of the chair below WD.

It was heartwarming and cozy but a tad claustrophobic. In fact, White Dog panicked for a moment when she went to hop down and found the floor littered in white further out than she could leap. My problem-solver stepped down to my lap then jumped in the opposite direction to make her escape.

I noted in the back of my mind the sound of Oso dragging his bed out of the closet as I worked at the computer. It wasn't until an hour later when nature called that I realized that he had dragged the bed right next to my chair and was snoringly asleep. Quinn now rested directly behind me with his tail curled around the wheels. YoYoMa was sprawled on my left pressed against my leg. I was trapped against the desk! The more I tried not to think about my need, of course, the more demanding my bladder became.

"OK everyone, momma has to go potty, you have to move," I at first stage whispered and gradually spoke louder. "COME ON! I have to GO!" I pleaded before Oso lifted his head and looked at me. "Let me out, Little Man," I reached down and pushed. He licked my hand and shifted to face the other direction. "Thank you, White Dog," I mumbled as she sounded the Mailman Alert bringing everyone to the front room. I RAN to the loo.

...And when I looked up there was the WDA all crowded in the hallway around the bathroom door. Just waiting to surround me where ever I went next. I thought about closing the door but caught myself.

There are a lot worse things than being smothered in love, I thought. How can I possibly complain about having a devoted Army that just wants to quietly lie at my side? There will be a day in the future when I will cry at the loss of these perfect partners who push and crowd and overwhelm at times.

So I finished and washed my hands, bending down so each pup could smell the soap spice. "All right, let's go read for a while," I suggested. And we headed to the big chair to sit together, closely, and fill the room with Eskie white.


TwoSpecialWires said...

It's so easy to imagine you surrounded by the puffy cloud of white. Enjoy it, and know that we enjoy thinking of it. Remembering when we were there.

Jake, Fergi and OurMoma

Ginger Jasper said...

I think it sounds like a cloud of white bliss and that surrounded by so much love and devotion must be such a feel good time. Mum wants to let you know that she is just up for work on early shift and for some reason was with white dog army all night in her dreams.. Hense the early morning visit to the blog to see that all is well.. Hugs GJ xx

haopee said...

I know what you mean mom. There are just this moments in our lives that we prefer not moving at all because precious beings are surrounding us and it's like breaking something fragile when you decide to stand up because you need to do something as trivial as a potty break.

Thank you for visiting us. We know we haven't been around much.

Huggies and Cheese,


FiveSibesMom said...

Oh, smothered in WDA love, how wonderful! I know the feeling of not wanting to get up until you absolutely have to so as not to disturb a furkid! It's the best type of claustrophobia ever!

Amber DaWeenie said...

We're taking a short break to both mourn Benji's loss and also spend time with the two newcomers. Had to stop by and say HI to you though. And, yes....cherish each and every day with the WDA!

GOOSE said...

White cloud of love. Beautiful.

Random Felines said...

not a bad way to spend a day....though mom has had to displace a couple of kittens more than once after a long afternoon :)

Suka said...

hey WDA,

I love the love you all have for each other! It is so heartwarming to read and such a precious gift you all share with one another. Treasure every moment together for those are what make the best heart memories.


24 Paws of Love said...

What a beautiful story of being surrounded in so much love, even when on the loo! lol

Sagira said...

Sounds like a great way to be smothered. :)

Brian said...

It is hard to imagine anything better!

Sankissjuice said...

I think that is a great life! My mum has to deal with 2 sweeties every morning smothering her with Love, I cannot imagine 5!!! It is such a lovely story.


Kari in Vegas said...

I find myself being "trapped" all to often. Especially in the middle of the night

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