November 13, 2012

White Dog usually is above sitting in the kitchen and supervising Steve's culinary efforts. Unlike the rest of the White Dog Army who swarm in force to assist every time Steve even opens the refrigerator, WD lies on the couch where she can observe comfortably and just waits for the meal to be served.

Next to lamb shanks, the WDA loves all things pork and tonight Steve sliced thick chops off of a tenderloin that we picked up on sale. I could see as each "wandered" casually into the kitchen they were dong the math...the entire tenderloin divided into eight pieces. All quickly rethought the plan when Steve stopped at three. "Everyone will get a strip of two," he told them, adding quickly, "of the same size." White Dog, actually attending the prep session, verbally disagreed with that statement, confident that he meant the others, not her.

The WDA were even more excited as we chopped apples and Steve began to saute them in butter and cinnamon. Coarsely grated potatoes and onion for German-style potato pancakes went on to crisp and the tails wagged to keep time until dinner.

Steve fed the WDA their usual dinner while the Brussels sprouts steamed and he flipped the chops on the grill. The Army rushed through their mackerel, veggies and rice so they would be ready for the evening's topper. Poor Michael was a bit insulted that none of the White Ones was interested in the leftovers of his truly delicious homemade chicken soup but the truth was nothing was going to deter the sniffing noses from the heavenly scent of pork strips on warm cinnamon-y sauteed apples.

White Dog had ignored her regular dinner and was first in line for pork. "Nope, not until you eat your dinner," she was told. She watched Steve putting tasting servings in the other food bowls for a second as she weighed her options; then she inhaled the "regular stuff" and woofed to make sure we noticed that she had cleaned her bowl.

With leaves crackling as the wind blew them along the driveway and the blinds tightly closed against the chill air, we all enjoyed a robust Autumn meal...and satisfied that part of our shared heritages that delights in crispy pork, potatoes, apples, and hearty "peasant food." Only thing missing was a luscious strudel at the end...can you hear us, Asta?


rottrover said...

Too bad Asta can't send you a strudle through the interwebs...

-Bart and Ruby

Random Felines said...

mmmmmmm - that sounded delish!!! glad the WDA got to share

Nola said...

That sounds yummy!

Brian said...

That sounds like a WD Feast fur sure!

GOOSE said...

Yum Yum.