November 28, 2012

White Dog and The White Dog Army
Wonderful World Wednesday

White Dog and Quinn stood smugly on either side of me and looked up. “It is true, momma, for every one mean scoundrally person darkening the world, there are TWO quiet and kind angels who reach out a hand,” White Dog said. Quinn added, “A million times a day all over the world someone makes a simple gesture that makes a BIG difference.”

The Other White Dog moved over so the rest of the Army could crowd around as we discussed the return of our car, the one vandalized by cowardly thugs on Thanksgiving evening. The repairs were outrageously expensive, as Steve had predicted, but out of the trauma shone two wonderful moments.

Our Michael, who has nothing but a tiny disability award on which to get by, called me aside. He made an offer that made us all swell with pride and nearly cry from its genuineness and altruism. “I know Steve is really upset about the car and that the money it will cost means you guys will not have much for the blanket donation. I was wondering if it would be all right if I made muffins and sold them at school to help make up that money so we could afford more blankets.” Part of the autism Michael suffers from makes him uncomfortable about being touched or I would have thrown my arms around him in a giant hug; instead I let the WDA smother him with thanks in a way that he loves.

Telling the story to a friend, he suggested that I contact some sellers of fleece blankets on e-Bay, explain my donation cause and ask them to sweeten their price; even if it meant accepting seconds or irregulars. I figured “why not,” and with hopeful heart fired off letters to a half dozen vendors.

I explained that it is our family's tradition that we all contribute 50x60 fleece blankets (those inexpensive lap throws) to the Cuidando Los Ninos Children and Family Shelter here in Albuquerque. The blankets are perfect for wrapping babies and toddlers, can be wrapped around the shoulders of older children and provide added layers of bed clothing for families who often have no winter wear or who sleep in their cars. The blankets usually run around $8-10 and we typically donate 25 of them (and loving friends add to that number). This year because of the uninsured cost of the rear windshield replacement and bodywork, we would be denied the pleasure of sharing this tradition.

I heard back from one vendor, www.IcyDeals.com who emailed me a simple message: contact us during business hours and let’s talk. I called with WD at my side just for luck and Aaron did not even need to be reminded of my story. “Can you afford $3 per blanket? These will be new, we want to help with your donation and want these to be presents not hand-me downs.” Amazed at their generosity, I agreed to this incredible bargain and started to thank him. “No, thank you.” was all he said. Michael walked in as we were finishing the conversation and signaled me to wait. I put Aaron on hold and looked at Michael. “$3 for five blankets is $15, right?” I agreed. “Tell him you want 30 blankets, I will earn the money to pay for the extras.” I clicked back in and asked to increase the order to 30. This afternoon I received an email from Aaron saying that he had personally handled the processing, packing and making sure the package got out to me today just to be sure we would have them in plenty of time for the holiday.

Don’t ever let anyone convince you that there is no goodness in the world; there is magic all around and not all the good guys can be identified by their white hats…but they are out there, making the world more wonderful one act at a time.

P.S. Thank you, Ann from Zoolatry, for this wonderful surprise! The holiday banner is so festive and thoughtful…but then everyone in our Blog Family already knows that YOU have a white hat hanging on the rack, not just a good guy, but one of the best!


Brian said...

That is soooooo wonderful and really made my heart smile. Kudos to Michael and to that special company. I love your header!

Random Felines said...

nice new header!!!

mom got choked up reading about the blanket vendor and Michael's generosity. it is nice to hear that people want to help - that all you have to do is ask ;)

Remington said...

Great post, my friend....

Ginger Jasper said...

I am not reading many posts today because of several things but I am so glad I read this one. what wonderful things that happened and it made the tears well up. Michael you are a wonderful young man and the seller another wonderful person. Love the surprise banner too.. Hugs GJ xx

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Wow, what a wonderful story to share - nice to know there really are some loving and kind-hearted people out there, and Mom says God bless Michael.

The header is gorgeous, but we all know what wonderful magic sweet Ann can work.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Nola said...

That's wonderful!! Love your new header, very festive!

Sagira said...

This warms my heart. You all are so kind. I love your new holiday header photo to.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

What a beautiful post

Jo's World said...

What a terrific story! Cheers for Michael whose generosity is a beautiful thing.

More for later,