November 6, 2012

White Dog is fascinated with the entire process American humans have evolved to choose a leader for the country. She rolls her eyes in exasperation over the amount of money candidates and their supporters spend in the attempt to get chosen. It is an incredible waste of dollars that could be used to accomplish good as she sees it.

It amazes her that in this uniquely blessed land where all adults have the RIGHT to a voice, a vote, in choosing the direction of our government, that only 64% of eligible voters registered and cast votes in the last election. The top reason given for not voting? People are too busy or have scheduling conflicts! At this the White Dog's nostrils flare and her lip curls.

"Brave men and women have fought and DIED to protect the right to vote. They have taken the time to set their lives on hold to defend our country's Constitution against foreign powers, against those within our borders who would exclude women or people of color, against corruption. To not use this privilege is to disrespect the efforts of each of those heroes. What could anyone have to do that is more important?"

"We go to other countries around the world to liberate them from tyranny and hopefully introduce the democratic process but at the same time on our own shores, we do not participate in what is already ours. That does not make sense."

It saddens all of the White Dog Army as they watched this campaign season play out that we Americans seem to have lost something more important. The ability to accept another person even if that person has a differing political view. It has been distressing to see the name-calling and hatred, the derisiveness and polarization. This process was meant to foster debate of ideas and finding the workable middle-ground, but unfortunately, that American dialog has become a shouting match.

The WDA and I have discussed the tone and mood of America and like most, will be glad when tonight is over and the bombardment over who is right stops. Maybe then we can change the discussion...to one of how we can ALL be a part of building an America that is a proud shining example of grace and dignity and participation, not a mud-wrestling herd of former roller derby queens hair-pulling and spitting venom.

Let's make America beautiful again.


ra husky said...

Well pawed mates, well pawed. And tomorrow, no matter what, the sun will rise and we will go for morning walkies. God is great!


KB said...

Hear! Hear!

Cotton said...

That's a good idea

Random Felines said...

well said - mom is all for democracy and the right to vote, but the mud slinging and pacs and ads were just overwhelming this year

Remington said...

Well said!

haopee said...

My support to the cause! Let the country be beautiful again.

Let us hope that those 64% will have chosen the right person to lead.

Huggies and Cheese,


Jo's World said...

Very excellent writing here, WDA!

My favorites of the people I spoke to about the election were those who were going to vote for someone beside Obama. Why, I would say?
"Because we need a change". What kind of change, I would say. "Oh you know, someone different." I was gobsmacked by that!