November 16, 2012

White Dog looked over the edge of the bed for the 784th time to check on Quinn who was soundly sleeping against the side of the bed. He had finally settled there and I slept most of the night with my hand dangling off of the bed, resting on his back. We both were calmed by the connection.

Quinn made it through the night seizure-free He was a little dazzled by all of the sniffs and nuzzles from the rest of the Army this morning and when Steve took him outside, he was followed by everyone who quickly took care of business then gathered around to watch him. All of the elimination necessaries were normal the WDA rushed back in to report.

Michael had already left for school but he left a note for The Other White Dog asking for forgiveness and telling Quinn that he loved him. He said he would understand if Quinn never let him pet him again but that he would be really really really sad. Quinn read the note and looked at me as if to ask why Michael would think that he was hated.

I called Dr. Julia first thing and explained the details of what had happened. Her instincts (which are her true wonder) told her everything was fine but, she added, since Quinn was a senior dog that she would be happier if we would bring him in for a check up and a few X-rays "just to be sure." We made an appointment for late afternoon.

Michael came home while Steve and I were out running an errand and he called to ask if he was still allowed to take Quinn outside. We reminded him of the new rules about the gate and basement door (which now sports a HUGE reminder sign) and gave permission (I mentally crossed my fingers). When we got back to gather Quinn for his vet visit, Michael was overjoyed.

"He even came right up to me and put his head on me!," Michael crowed. "Why do you think he forgave me?" "Dogs are amazing," I explained. "They do not hold grudges, they are compassionate and understanding. Quinn knows that his falling was an accident and that you care about him. And when he told the rest of the WDA it was OK, they, too, forgave you."

At Dr. Julia's office, Quinn was poked and prodded yet again. He had to demonstrate how well he was walking. His gums were examined and his eyes tested. It was obvious that he was starting to feel pain. We decided to do a full series of X-rays just to check for hairline fractures and internal bleeding. The X-rays came back clean. TOWD had no temperature or issues with eyesight, dizziness or hearing...which ruled out shock. Woohoo!

Like in humans the worst effects for trauma come within 72 hours so we are to expect that our boy will get sore and possibly bruised. He can have rimadyl for pain control and his gabapenten seizure medications. He is to avoid strenuous activity (ha! White Dog laughed) and get extra pampering. Dr. Julia wants to hear how he is after the weekend.

Looks like we dodged a potential disaster and life returns to normal (whatever that means). The WDA is convinced that we misunderstood Dr. Julia's prescription for pampering. In their minds she meant to say, those poor White Ones have all been through so much...when one hurts, the Pack hurts...so be sure they ALL get extra treats! Have a great weekend.


rottrover said...

This is great news. What a relief.

Jo's World said...

I somehow missed yesterdays Post where Quinn falls down the stairs.

Its great to hear that The Mighty Quinn is doing OK and that all is forgiven.

Has Michael forgiven himself? We all make mistakes in haste now and then and the Notes will help.

Cheers to all,


GOOSE said...

Glad to hear nothing serious. But extra pampering is in order. Hope Michael is feeling better too. I know how bad we can feel when we "mess up."

Kari in Vegas said...

What a big relief

Stop on by for a visit

Brian said...

That is terrific news and we all send happy purrs and gentle hugs to dear Quinn.

Agnes B Bullock said...

Go Quinn! GLad to hear of the recovdery (and the shock to your Mama!)

Amber DaWeenie said...

So glad everything checks out fine with The Mighty One! Sending Quinn and the WDA some hugs and kisses.

Have a nice weekend.

Teddy Bear said...

Such greg news that Quinn is doing ok after his fall. ANd we agree, extra pampering sounds awesome!

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Nola said...

What a relief!

FiveSibesMom said...

So glad to hear that Quinn is OK. I hope Michael forgives himself as to err is human indeed, and we have all been in his shoes at one time or another. Hugs all around from the Five and I.

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

OMD, we have just caught up with what's been happening at your place. Thank goodness Quinn is feeling ok. We have paws crossed your serenity will flow back and fill your home. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Asta said...

I'm so sowwy I didn't come visit soonew I woold have sent my emewgency healing smoochies immediately. I'm so happy that the doctows finding awe good so faw. I will cwoss my paws that they continoo to be. I think all the white dogs need soopew pampewing. Wish I coold wun ovew and help. I knew that Quinn woold nevew hold a gwudge. None of them evew woold. They awe puwe love
Smoochie kisses

meowmeowmans said...

Oh gosh. I just went back and read what happened. That was so scary, and we are glad that Quinn will be okay. Sending love and big purrs and prayers to you all.