December 18, 2012

White Dog sighed and crawled out from under the blankets to follow Oso. He had come in to waken us and let us know that the sickies were spreading...that Steve was hit by the first wave of intestinal distress and was hot to the touch. Oso gets up early and keeps the student company in the barely light morning as Steve does his reading and prep work for his class. White Dog returned to tell me that he was the new patient but that he had insisted on getting work done because of his deadlines.

When Steve came back into the bedroom almost two hours later, he was clammy and freezing. WD whispered, "Good thing you are feeling better because it looks like the nursing staff has been reassigned." Steve unfortunately did not have the luxury of languishing in bed or not going into work. There are only a few days left until the two-week holiday break so he was doomed to showing up to teach AND getting his own assignments completed before the end of the week. 

Oso was beside himself with worry so WD gave her permission for me to lift the Little Man onto the bed where he could snuggle with dad. YoYoMa popped his head up from his usual sleep spot on the floor on Steve's side of the bed and gave gentle kisses. Puff huddled closer to her spot on the other side of the bed and Nuka came in to lie in the doorway. We insisted that Steve DID at least take time to warmup and receive White Dog healing energies.

"Where is Quinn?" White Dog asked into my ear trying not to disturb the dozing patient. Quinn is Steve's heart boy and it WAS strange that he was not in the room. Then we both heard it...Quinn was in the hallway stumbling around as he upchucked last night's dinner. "Stay with dad," I told WD, "I'll see to TOWD."

Poor Quinn was gunky sounding and continued to dry heave for a bit as I held him then led him away so that I could clean up. He stood looking green and embarrassed. I carried him into the bedroom and put him on the bed. He pressed close as I stroked him into a half-sleep next to Steve and Oso. 

"We are going to be VERY busy here at White Dog Sickie Ward," I told her. "I hope none of the rest of you get what is ailing your brother." 

Steve dragged himself off to school with our wishes for a calm tummy and no achieness. Michael had been complaining last night about having a headache so we were not surprised when he came home after his volunteer job and announced that he "felt like crap."  I looked at White Dog who looked at her sisters and said, "We better make a pot of noodles and broth, girls!" 

YoYoMa brought me a scrap of paper. "What is this for?" I asked. "Maybe we need a quarantine sign," was his reply.

We can think of no better way to celebrate Siku's birthday this Saturday than with a Pay It Forward Party. We ask everyone to pay forward their good fortune in some unique and personal way...make a donation of green papers or time...do a kind deed to someone unexpectedly...bring a bit a joy to someone lacking a smile...share your best bone with your siblings. It doesn't have to be big or spend money. But it DOES have to be a celebration of the spirit that makes Siku so special. It must share something of yourself!

And on Saturday we ask you to leave us a comment telling White Dog of how her ripple has spread into a party of paying it forward. Share with us what you have done. The WDA is paying it forward, too! We will tell on Saturday what we have planned. Please join us in making our sister's day truly special...she so deserves it!


Random Felines said...

ewwwwww - we wish you all a quick recovery

Amber DaWeenie said...

UhOh...when it rains, it pours at your house. Hope that everyone is feeling all back to normal real soon.

Brian said...

Oh no! I sure hope the sickies go bye-bye really soon.

meowmeowmans said...

We are so sorry to hear those sickies came visiting! We hope they leave very, very soon.

Your Saturday Pay it Forward Party sure sounds great! We have something in the works, but it is a surprise, so we can't post it until after the fact. But we hope the fact that we are pawticipating will help make Siku's day just a little more special. :)