December 20, 2012

White Dog and YoYoMa harnessed up to play Santa's helpers and deliver our gift bag of yummies to our wonderful groomers. They sat patiently while Steve leashed them up but neither would wear the red hat. Of course, the entire WDA wanted to go on the delivery but for safety's sake Steve thought two pups would be a sufficient challenge on the busy boulevard. He promised everyone would get a chance to walk.

WD and YAWD came racing up the driveway a short while later, both running at top speed and panting. Steve came in laughing. "We got to Scot's and both of them saw the sign and they sat down outside refusing to go in!" "NO baths! You tricked us," they protested over my explanation and tried to drag me back home. Fortunately Steve DID convince them to go inside long enough to deliver the package and get hugs from all the girls there. But they wasted no time getting "safely" home where there was no danger of getting accidentally clean.

Puff and Quinn waited at the door for their turn and when Steve took them outside to head to the mailbox, both went and sat by Pumpkin's sliding door. "We're not driving," Steve told them. "Santa's helpers are walking today!" When they came back from their short task, both sat at the "momma chair" and looked at the treat jar. "You do not get treats every time you exit the house and return," I explained. "Why not?" was their response. I heard my mother's voice echoing in my head as I replied, "Because I said so."

Nuka had awakened from her nap and just knew she had missed something. Her look of confusion and wag of wanting to be included prompted Steve to harness her up, even though there were no more deliveries today. She happily wore the Santa hat as Steve said, "Come on, we'll take a walk and just spread some Christmas cheer." AWD came home happily prancing because she got to greet the brown truck before anyone else in the WDA even saw it.

Each time the others had gone out, Steve had invited Oso along but the smart Little Man would get as far as the cold front porch and turn around before his gear was put on. After Nuka, though, he seemed to not want to be left out. So they went down the stairs to the end of the drive, sniffed around a bit, left a festive message for passing pups. Then Oso looked up at Steve and whimpered. When they came back up the drive, Steve was carrying Oh! snuggled in his jacket and the little drama king was purring like a kitten.

Please Join our Pay It Forward Party on Saturday to Celebrate White Dog’s 8th Birthday.
We ask everyone to pay forward their good fortune in some unique and personal way. It doesn't have to be big or spend money. But it DOES have to be a celebration of the spirit that makes Siku so special. It must share something of yourself with someone in need (a smile, a bit of time, hand-me-downs that you don't need, a letter to an old friend, you decide)!
And on Saturday we ask you to leave us a comment telling White Dog of how her ripple has spread into a party of paying it forward. Share with us what you have done. The WDA is paying it forward, too! We will tell on Saturday what we have planned. Please join us in making our sister's day truly special...she so deserves it! The White Dog Army.


Brian said...

Hooray for purring like a kitten, I heard that clear over here!!!

Amber DaWeenie said...

The WDA just has a way of spreading the love in all corners of the world! Would of loved to see that Santa Hat! :)