December 28, 2012

White Dog huffed, "This is the LAST Friday-is-our-Saturday of 2012 and the best you can think of to do is bath day?" "Not just bath day, Little White Dog of My Heart, but also nail clipping day, and ear cleaning day, and thorough brushing out day...oh, and trimming up owl feet day. Think of it a a White Dog Spa Party!"

To show her displeasure WD hopped through the dog door and sat on the deck while we concluded the morning ritual of every one's toothbrushing. I stood in the patio window and gestured for her to come in for her turn; she turned her head away. Hands on hips I called her to come and my body language convinced her this was not a line to draw in the sand. She came in and ears flat, trembling, total drama queen mode, allowed Steve to brush her teeths...then she fled the room.
Puff waiting for the blow dryer
After breakfast we commenced the bathing sequence. Steve washed and carried each hand squeegeed pup out to my waiting arms and towels. I held them in my lap and hand dried and then he turned on the blow dryer to finish the furs. Nuka and Puff would have basked under the warm air all morning. Quinn does not like it so I just kept changing out towels to dry him the old fashioned way. While towels went into the machine to dry, I bundled the still damp Quinn in a blanket and held him against my chest. He napped there for a while as Steve plunked Oso in the tub and then fluffed him with the air dryer. YoYoMa was rescheduled for tomorrow after one of his nails got trimmed a bit short and was bleeding (he is fine). Steve applied quick stop and all was well but we did not want to chance a fresh cut in the bath.

Four White Dogs received the complete spa treatment; YoYoMa got all except the bath and WD was brushed to maximum floofiness and had her ears cleaned (she gets groomed by Scot next week). It was now  after 3pm and there were complaints about the lateness of duck jerky treats. "If we were paying for this spa day," Oso yipped to Steve, "your neglect in the timely offering treats would be reflected in your tip!" Steve picked him up and held him nose-to-nose. "Little Man, this is the best deal in town. Nobody is going to more lovingly care for you and make sure you get treats and then wrap you in a cozy blanket to take a nap once we are done. Now stop complaining and look forward to greeting the new year clean and bright and floofy!"


Nola said...

Not a bath!!

GOOSE said...

Sounds like it will be a clean start to the new year.

Brian said...

I know you all must look might fine and fluffy too!

KB said...

It sounds like a fluffy and sweet-smelling start to the year!