December 4, 2012

White Dog gave a subtle nod of her head; Quinn and Oso got up and quietly followed Steve into the office. He had received his orientation package and had some reading and assignments designed to learn the system for his on-line coursework to do. Oso settled in his usual place in the closet and Quinn laid on Steve's foot.

When WD passed by to check both boys were sleeping and Steve was busy with school work. Next, Nuka took up position on the floor behind Steve and settled in for a nap. Puff laid in the open crate and YoYoMa took the spot spanning the doorway. It was a sea of white helping Steve focus on his studies. All were quiet and undemanding. All were content to simply share the space in a show of support.

The group "worked" quite some time while WD and I addressed Christmas card envelopes. Periodically she would pace down the hall and peek in on the group; it was a beautiful sight she thought. At nearly the two-hour mark, we heard a gentle plea from Steve. Seems he needed to take a necessary break but was locked into work position by the WDA. They were not sure whether or not he should be allowed to leave his task.

"You better go tell every one it is all right for Dad to have potty breaks," I told White Dog, "or they might hold fast just a minute too long."  She hopped down and went into the office. I heard Steve thank her with relief in his voice as he rushed down the hall...followed by Quinn, and Oso, and Puff, and YoYoMa (Nuka had taken the opportunity to take up a better position in the office).

Everyone stood waiting, crowding into the bathroom and filling the hall outside. Once Steve washed his hands, they herded him back toward his desk. "Good Dog!" he exclaimed, "with these guys directing my studies I am not going to ever have the opportunity to stray. Straight A-average, here I come!" The WDA wagged their approval.


ra husky said...

Good job white doggers! Wooooos,


Jo's World said...

I love this, White Dogs! What a very nice tribute to your Dad, that you find sleep spots where he is working, but even accompany him to the bathroom at break time.

Who could be luckier?


Nola said...

Good job!

Remington said...

What would he do without you?

meowmeowmans said...

The White Dog Army Study Program sounds just wonderful. We probably would have had lots more fun in school if we had been so lucky. :)

Brian said...

You are the most fantastic helpers ever!

Kari in Vegas said...

Aren't furry helpers the best?

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