January 11, 2013

White Dog and the rest of The White Dog Army do not like the winds when they howl and scrape to get inside and gust hard enough to rattle the windows and street lights. We had been promised wind and dropping temperatures and snow for this Friday-Is-Our-Saturday; crystal blue skies told us that we were to be bypassed by the Snow Shepherds but the temperatures never managed to climb above freezing and the winds actually gave us a wind chill factor in the negative numbers.

No one rushed to the door in happy anticipation when Steve and I bundled up to meet friends for lunch. Dozing pups curled up in warm spots lifted their heads long enough to remind us to bring home a "doggie bag."

It was a day best suited for day dreaming, indulgently eating, and warm delicious smells. While the WDA enjoyed the remains of my steak and lettuce wedge salad including crumbled bleu cheese and bacon (no complaints) Steve went back to studying and I warmed the oven for some baking.

In no time, the house smelled like almond pound cake baking and quinoa risotto simmering. Hot mint tea brewed in mugs to be enjoyed with buttery cinnamon toast quarters. The White Ones could smell the salmon marinating. It was a fragrance of safety from the storm and filled us all with a sense of sanctuary as we listened to the gentle music of Enya.

Home. Sometimes just perfect without exciting adventures or fancy plans. Sometimes just being cozy and together is just enough.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Random Felines said...

those are the best days.....ok, without the cold would be better, but it sounds like a cozy day.

GOOSE said...

Oh I love cozy days. They are great. With all this snow we have been having I am getting a few of those cozy days around here. Like right now.

Nola said...

Cozy days are the best!

Wyatt said...

It all sounds great. Quinoa risotto
made our ears perk up. Mom would like the recipe for that, if you get the chance....wyattsriot2010@gmail.com

We have been indoors a lot too, it's around 24 degrees...Brrrrr.

Wyatt and Stanzie

meowmeowmans said...

That sounds absolutely wonderful to us. We LOVE cozy days. :)

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Those days at home with family are just the best. They are especially good when it's cold outside and everbuddy is together inside with the smells of good food just waiting to be eaten! Although.... sometimes Rory adds to the warm smells and it isn't quite so nice! hehehehe.
No worries, and love, Stella and Rory