January 18, 2013

White Dog listened intently to all of the human discussion late this afternoon then announced that it was to be an evening of celebration. We had many reasons to be joyful.

Oso's Dex suppression test HAD come back from the specialty lab so we met with Dr. Julia this afternoon.

Oso does NOT have Addison's Disease, nor does he have Cushings (checked since the same test reveals that presence since both involve the adrenal and pituitary glands). Woohoo and howls of joy from the entire White Dog Army! What Oh,Another White Dog has is a high drive for hydration (he likes to drink lots of water) and consequently well rinsed kidneys. The low sodium/ high potassium levels are a result of his water consumption but are so slight as to not be a cause for concern now that we have a disease-free context. Dr. Julia, just to be overcautious because Oso is a senior, wants to run another blood panel in a month or so just to recheck his kidney function to make sure everything is indeed, as she said, "pretty damn good for a boy his age."

Our new housemate, Josh landed not one but TWO part-time jobs. One in the neighborhood that he can walk to and the other at the mall. Both pay better than his old job in California and are flexible enough so that when he starts school, he will be able to keep them both. He and Becks are doing a tremendous job getting established here in Albuquerque...they haven't even been here two weeks yet. We are proud of their progress.

Steve structured his study time so that each of the White Ones received some individual attention and a private walk. Not as perfect as time at the Park but the breaks helped Steve clear his head AND helped the WDA work off a bit of restless energy. This has been a long demanding week homework-wise for Steve and the Army, though patient, needed the attention.

To celebrate, the WDA received carob mint cookies with dinner and promises of Saag Paneer with rice when we returned from the Eastern Indian buffet. The humans loved the vast selection of exotically spiced curries and dishes (Josh had never tasted the cuisine before) and we toasted all of the day's successes with marvelous hot chai marsala.

True to our word, the WDA shared the mildly spiced spinach and cheese dish over saffron rice when we returned. Daisy and Maple hopefully convinced Josh to share at least one of the rosewater flavored Gulab Jamun (doughnut like balls soaked in rosewater syrup) that he brought home. Michael reluctantly gave Oso a bite of one that he had brought home (an absolute favorite and VERY hard for him to share) "because Oso had such good news about not being sick."

So on this Friday-Is-Our-Saturday night we have happy tummies filled with favorite foods, happy heads filled with good news, and happy hearts because we have each other to help us celebrate. Have a great weekend!


Random Felines said...

OMC OMC OMC!!!!! That is awesome news!! So wonderful the tests came back negative and Josh found work. :)

I have emailed a friend about an Indian place here in town - I keep reading about your food adventures and want to get outside my "box".

Brian said...

That is such good news and we are all doing the happy dance here!!! Hey, I missed that you had a Josh there somehow, howdy Josh!

Teddy Bear said...

Such great news for Oso!!! We agree that celebrations were in order and mint carob chips sound like the pawfect pawty food.

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Ginger Jasper said...

Lots of great reasons to celebrate and it sounds as though you found the purfect way to do that.. Happy that the results were good.. Hugs GJ xx

Sagira said...

Such great news!

Kari in Vegas said...

Hooray for Oso!!!

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