January 22, 2013

White Dog holds herself above the "common mischief" of the rest of the White Dog Army. Knowing in her Queenly heart that anything she wants will come to her without exerting too much energy or risking a negative  reaction, she is usually well-behaved and trustworthy.

She was sitting on my shoulder watching as Michael first fed the Army and then following their milling about in the kitchen as he prepared nachos for his dinner. Quinn, Oso, and Puff are notorious for rushing to the open refrigerator door and standing there to block its closing as they longingly "window shop." The human in the kitchen must push them back and shut the door in their faces. Tonight was no exception. Michael backed the WDA out and refocused on making his dinner.

But tonight Puff, who usually watches prep lying in front of the frig, sat facing the door, as it turns out doing a little White One problem solving. Suddenly she flew past WD and I in the living room. White Dog jumped down to follow and investigate.

At the same time, Michael yelled, "HEY! Get out of the frig!" at Quinn as he pulled the loaf of bread off the shelf inside. Oso was standing with his feet on the bottom of the unit, fortunately too slow to decide before Michael grabbed him and shut the door. He growled his Little Man grrrr in frustration.

White Dog came back in carrying what HAD been a baggie containing a small piece of leftover chicken that she had stolen back from Puff. All that was left was the torn plastic...and only part at that.

It is my fondest hope that somehow Michael had simply failed to close the door tightly and that the crimes were ones of opportunity. BUT in the back of my mind I am fearful of the silence and not being able to watch my appliances. What if the door was solidly closed (as Michael vehemently claims) and Still Another White Dog has figured out how to paw the door open? The possibility is not out of the question for this super-smart breed designed to do circus tricks. If that is the case leftovers, deli meats, and baked goods will never be safe again... and I shudder to even think of lamb shanks marinating overnight.

Meantime, White Dog is back at my side with a look of expectation and implied blackmail. "Sure, it could have been me," the look says, "but like they say, you rub my belly, I rub yours! Let's be civilized here. So how about a ham sandwich?"


GOOSE said...

Oh I would not put it past the smart ones. I could only dream of this skill. I will go practice right after my nap. Just so I get he=is right, I Paw at the door. Got it. I mean if I can open gates how hard can a frig be.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Hmmmm...here is one to ponder! We're too little to get the door open but if we all work together.....

I think the WDA is starting a new trend and a new way of problem solving!

Brian said...

Well, it was probably that the door was left ajar. But ham sandwiches soind good to me!

Asta said...

Oooh, those temptashuns awe soooo hawd to wesist, but I know the white dog awmy, while bwilliant, is also vewy civilized and will wait fow that ham samich to be sewved pwopewly
smoochie kisses

Random Felines said...

we have seen videos of dogs opening doors - we wouldn't put it past the WDA. Mom laughed at the window shopping comment - we do that to her too!!

Kari in Vegas said...

I fear the day Mesa figures out the fridge

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