January 25, 2013

White Dog had the "to-do" list in her mouth and was ready to go. So were the others. Steve had taken the box of blankets we were dropping off for Cindy's Animal Crackers Rescue out to Pumpkin. He put them in and clicked to close the door...and clicked again...and clicked again. Nothing happened.

White Dog hopped up on the Watching Chair to get a better view. She saw Steve fussing with the door and then trying to close it again. No luck. She sighed.  A few minutes later, Steve came in to announce that the door would not close and that he was calling the Service Department.

White Dog, YoYoMa and Nuka stepped down from "Ride" Alert. Puff and Oso were at the groomer. We had a bazillion things that needed getting done because FINALLY this Saturday morning is family photo day.The Grampa Mobile (Steve's diesel sedan) was already at the shop, without Pumpkin we would be vehicle-less. A shudder went through the Army.

Steve came back inside and announced that with help from the Service Department he got the door about 80% closed and that they were willing to make room on their schedule to fix the problem this afternoon. Provided they had all the parts needed. "Yeah, well that is like saying you'll see the car on Monday, MAYBE" White Dog muttered.

While Steve took Pumpkin to the Car ER, WD, AWD, YAWD moped and groused. Quinn tried to keep things positive but no one would listen to his message of focusing and being positive. "We're stuck here ALL day!" "Nothing is going to get done!" "This just eats pigeon poop!" was the best the others could muster.

Puff and Oso were surprised when Steve showed up at the spa on foot to pick them up. "How are we going to get home?" Oso asked. "On your four handsomely groomed footsies," Steve responded. Puff immediately froze in her tracks and stood shaking. Steve carried her and Oso the Fearless (and the very little) marched alongside. The drama four blocks later when they entered the house became shock when they learned about being car-less.

It wasn't until nearly 5pm...and long after everyone in the WDA had given up hope, that the mechanic called to say the van was fixed. The opening/closing cable had frayed beyond repair and had to be replaced. Steve sighed when they told him the price. "At least it is fixed and we have a way to get around," he said.

"Yeah, but it too late to do the things on the list," White Dog pointed out, "and the photo shoot is bright and early tomorrow!" "Life doesn't always follow my plan, no matter how well scripted," I told the Little White Dog of My Heart, "We are the White Dog Army and will go to the Park and shine like the stars we are. The props would have been nice, but the real story is us and that will come through no matter what."


Jeanne Pursell said...

It sure would be wonderful if the rest of the world had the same philosophy as the WDA!! Happy Weekend to you all! Glad that your van is fixed!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

24 Paws of Love said...

Glad you got the Pumpkin back as soon as you did. Good luck on your photo shoot. Can't wait to see the results. :)

Brian said...

My goodness, poor Pumpkin! I am glad your ride is back though!

Random Felines said...

have fun at the photo shoot - glad Pumpkin got fixed.....and life goes on no matter what :)

meowmeowmans said...

So glad you got Pumpkin back! :)

Have a great photo shoot ... we can hardly wait to see the results!

Anonymous said...

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KB said...

Glad that the Pumpkin is fixed, albeit at a price. Hope that the photo shoot went great!