January 27, 2013

White Dog tried to be subtle as she checked on Steve's homework progress all morning. At breakfast we had discussed that we would take advantage of this beautiful day just as soon as his obligations were met. WD and the White Dog Army knew that meant a car ride, a shopping trip for treats (the jars were getting perilously low), and PARK TIME! And since we were going treat shopping, that meant the duck pond park!

Steve finished at one and we invited Becks to join us. The reality turned out to be, however, that if Daisy and Maple wanted to come along she would have to drive separately...as huge as we used to think Pumpkin is, EIGHT White Dogs and three humans just would not fit. The girls opted to stay home and enjoy neck bones in the sunpuddle filling the Studio.

The Mighty Quinn usually chooses to stay home and guard White Dog Ranch. He gets excited with the WDA and walks us to the door but turns away at putting on his harness or actually going out to the car. Not so today. The Other White Dog raised his foot high to step into the orange harness that most times just hangs on the peg. And he pushed on to the porch in his excitement to be leashed. The White Dog Army was in full color traveling in force!

Respectfully, the others made a path inside the van and allowed Steve to help TOWD onto the way back seat where he comfortably laid with his paws over the edge of the seat, smiling.

At the Duck Park, Steve took YoYoMa and Puff for a brisk walk and Becks explored the pavilion and pond at a strolling pace with Nuka and Oso. White Dog ran zoomies and entertained me while the others walked. Quinn stayed by my side sniffing the breeze, face turned upward. He was a handsome sight gleaming i the sunlight looking very happy. When Steve returned with the racers, Quinn insisted on his own walk down to the pond; I was amazed at how sure-footedly he ambled and how much he seemed to be enjoying the outing. It has been a long time.

After, we stopped for celebratory frozen yogurt and joyfully shared spoonsful of peach and vanilla flavors along with sliced strawberries. Before we pulled into the driveway at home, each pup had laid claim to a napping spot and Steve was looking forward to stretching out on the couch with White Dog.


Random Felines said...

sounds like a good day all around - yeah for all the WDA!!

Kari in Vegas said...

sounds like it was a good day

Stop on by for a visit

Nola said...

A great day!

Brian said...

Oh does that dessert sound yummy!!! Such a fun time!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Sounds like a terrorific day for everyone, especially the snack on the way home!

Sally Ann and Andy said...

oh, my, my darling Siku.What an adventure y'all had. Oh I so wish I could see you in the fur. I might be afraid of your brothers, but woukd oh so adore seeing you in the fur. I'll have to persuade Mommy to send a flat me out to you.

Hansel said...

sounds like a lovely day we only wish that we could share it with you. :(