January 29, 2013

White Dog snuggled closer and whispered in my ear, "Winter has returned." It was still rather early but Steve was up working on his school project. We could hear no one else stirring and when I snaked an arm out from under the cozy, warm blankets and reached down, I could feel both Puff and Oso curled up together next to the bed by the heater vent. I heard YoYoMa's tags jingle as he shifted on the other, cold side of the bed where he likes to lay against the chilly wall and wrap up in the pool of the quilt we have hanging over the blinds for extra insulation. (80-year old houses were not generally built with much thought given to R values).

Nobody rushed outside to greet Daisy and Maple when their pawrents let them out before heading off to work. Secretly, White Dog and I hoped Steve would take the time for a long steamy hot shower before rejoining us in bed for a wake-up cuddle...we had possessive thoughts about a chilled cuddler stealing our warmth.

Quinn broke the spell or we might have stayed wrapped in blankets curled together all day. "Wake up, you chickens," he said. "I need to go out and besides, you can't just stay in bed!" "Why not?" was my reply as Steve flipped the blankets back sending our warmth ceiling ward. As a consolation prize the heater kicked on at the precise moment and I swung my legs down next to Puff and Oso, now also awake, so we could share the blasting warm air. White Dog sighed, leaped from the bed and dashed outside...the cold plunge method.

Before she went out, I grabbed our old Kansas girl, and put on her t-shirt. She has been a bit wheezy and the last thing I want for her is a lung issue with getting chilled. SAWD looked grateful as she then headed for the door.

Nuka wandered in tail wagging and stood in the dog door deciding whether to venture out or not. "Make a decision, you are letting cold air in," I crabbed to my deaf girl. She turned back in and sat right in front of me to begin chewing on her leg. "Get the garter harness and socks," I said to Steve. "Our Little Miss is feeling the itch." "Maybe she just wants the warmth of the leg warmers," he laughed.

We were a motley looking crew as Steve prepared a hot breakfast. Me wrapped in an afghan, White Dog crunched in against my side; Puff in her t-shirt sitting tightly curled so the shirt covered her backside and legs; Nuka in her workout gear; and YoYoMa nesting in ALL of the blankets at the hearth (wishing I am sure that the fireplace was more than decorative). Just looking out of the window at the blowing branches and grey sky made us colder. Loyal Quinn stuck by Steve's side in the kitchen, perhaps enjoying the extra heat of the oven and stove being used.

"You know White Ones, most of our friends will laugh at us for being such weather weenies," I chided. "It is 30 degrees. Back in Chicago this is often the high for the week!" "But that is why you moved here," WD countered. "To live someplace with a civilized climate before you brought us home.

To our friends truly experiencing winter we apologize for whining, but we REALLY do miss our 50 degree days. Tonight might just have to be a green chile stew night. Enjoy your snow and cold and invigorating climate. Us?  We are going to put on "Here Comes The Sun" and play it until Sol hears our pleas.


GOOSE said...

Haha. Different temps for different pups. It's what makes the world beautiful.

Jo's World said...

Its been fairly balmy today, but by tomorrow night we are supposed to have Flattered Skurries and winds of 15-20 mph and whatever the temp is thats gonna be bad cold! Like 60 degrees below Wind Chill Factor.

So you guys just keep snuggled and if it ever REALLY gets cold, let me know.


24 Paws of Love said...

I'll trade you for our fluke 50 degree weather for your 30! I'd rather have a steady cold than the warm ups and down.

Snuggle tight!

Anonymous said...
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Brian said...

We don't likenthat cold stuff in the South either!

meowmeowmans said...

We live in the Northeast, and quite frankly, we long for 50 degree days, too! :)

Love and hugs to you all!

KB said...

You are weather wimps but I understand. I lived in the Bay Area of California for a while, and I've never been so cold while inside a house as in CA. The houses were drafty and COLD!

Speaking of sleeping in, try getting a puppy! Oh my, Shyla does not tolerate staying wrapped up in warm blankets. Nope, up and at 'em!

Kari in Alaska said...

Oh we are having winter adjustment issues!

Stop on by for a visit