January 8, 2013

White Dog made a very logical argument. "If you want to get well and for Quinn to find a balance we need to keep things calm, non stressful, and with no surprises." I pulled my girl close to me and whispered into her ear, "How long have we been together? How often do those conditions exist in our lives?" "Seriously, momma!"

While I agreed with White Dog I knew already in the early morning hours when we get to hog the bed and snuggle because Steve is up doing homework, that today was not going to be peaceful or calm and for the White Ones it was apt to be a bit stressful (ultimately in a good way once all come to terms with the change).

This was the second night of Steve's back-to-back late teaching nights, the first week in nearly a month where he does not get home until 11 pm. Although I am feeling better because the congestion is breaking up, it is an awful thing to hear and its sudden unexpectedness tends to make the WDA jump when I cackle. This is Michael's first day back to school after holiday break and the White Ones would soon find out the cake he had so lovingly made last night was for his teachers...not for them.

Of course the biggest surprise was when our friends arrived this afternoon with their two standard poodles. The WDA loves all of them but have only experienced their short weekend visits and by the end of four days the big poodles tend to overwhelm some of the Army. The difference this time, is that they will be staying with us for a while, sharing our home, as they find jobs and get settled in Albuquerque so that in a few months they can get their own apartment and begin a future they have dreamed of. We are excited about being included in adventure and what this means for all of us but suddenly boxes moving in and routines being disrupted seem scary enough to try and bark the change away.

Daisy and Maple have been very good about being low key tonight because I suspect that they are just as bewildered. Quinn seems to be taking things in stride; but not Puff who is sure that if she persists long enough that things will not change. Michael had a list of "house rules" to share, like "wash your own dishes," things that sounded oddly like the rules he has. Fair is fair.

One wonderful thing about our crazy little bungalow built in the 1940's is that it is like a magic castle. Somehow there always happens to be a door hiding a bit more space (except closets). The rooms are tiny by modern standards but each has a door and when everyone is off in their own space with doors shut, it is easy to imagine that they are not here. And that provides a sense of calm tonight.


24 Paws of Love said...

Glad you have found some calmness. Hope all works for you and your friends. We'll be crossing our Paws for everyone. :)

Jeanne Pursell said...

Bless you for helping them get settled! We sure do hope it all works out for you...and yes, it is good to have DOORS. Keep Calm and Carry On. xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

Random Felines said...

it is good to have friend willing to offer help....we hope that the balance maintains :)

KB said...

I am so glad that the WDA is mostly taking all that change in stride! It's a lot!

I'm glad that the info about the thundershirt guarantee helped! I hope that the thundershirt itself helps too.

meowmeowmans said...

How beautiful that you were able to find some peace and calm. Sending much love and positive energy that all goes smoothly with you and your friends!

Kari in Vegas said...

Maybe you need some family yoga time to meditate each day

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