February 11, 2013

White Dog sat next to me and wanted to know why we humans get good ideas and then so quickly talk ourselves out of following through on them. "I don't know, Little One, but we all seem to do it. But sometimes the wonderful thing is that we talk ourselves back into it!"

She was asking because Becks spent the entire last week desperately wanting to go next door to our lovely neighbor and initiate a conversation about renting the front apartment of her duplex. There is no rental sign but the space has been vacant for quite a while. First she fretted that no one ever answered the door. "Leave a note," the White Ones suggested. Then she was not sure of the wording. "Just tell her you are staying with us and are looking to live in the hood," was the WDA advice. "I wonder how much she would want?" "ASK!"" was the reply.

A major part of her decision to move to Albuquerque revolved around how much she enjoys our trendy college area and its old-fashioned walk everywhere distances to shopping, entertainment, and social events. She loves our little house. The apartment next door had once been a single cottage like ours but a second two-story addition added a back unit. Now she and Josh both had jobs and bosses that were already looking to promote them because of their hard work and skills, so it was time to consider the next step.

After a nearly week long process, Becks had a conversation with the landlord's son, who was there to walk the dogs. He showed her the house; which she DID love. Janet would be home mid-evening and he would let her know of Becks interest. More fretting and setting it aside as impossible and rethinking convinced Becks and Josh that it probably would not work. At the WDA's gentle pushing, though, they decided to make their pitch.

Well guess what? Janet was very receptive, excited by their interest and willing to exchange rent credit for a little loving care and rehab. AND she LOVES pets...no problems. AND it is exactly where our young guests want to live. AND she was ok with waiting until mid-March (three months ahead of their original plan). All involved could not be happier. The Army howled in glee at the news. "The best part, Momma," WD confided is that we can just drop over to visit any time we want!"


ra husky said...

Happy husky woooos mates! Nuk thinks shrimp and salad bar is called for! Tell Yo he is on the way,


Sagira said...

How cool is that

Tweedles -- that's me said...

it feels so good to have things work out perfectly

Random Felines said...

that is great news! sometimes the humans just need a push and a confidence boost.....