February 13, 2013

White Dog and The White Dog Army
Wonderful World Wednesday
White Dog and The White Dog Army believe that one of the most wonderful ways the spirit of the world is replenished is when someone lends a voice to calling out an injustice or speaks up for those who have no voice. Advocating for those in need is noble and does so much to stamp out hatred, abuse, ignorance, neglect…right where they start, one interaction at a time.

When one person makes a stand because “it is the right thing to do,” for one beautiful shining moment THAT person holds the Universe’s attention and sends out ripples that make a difference one-hundred fold. It is true not all who defend the defenseless become legend or public heroes, but each IS an everyday champion who has personally helped shape a world filled with kindness and compassion.

Please join the White Dog Army  in recognizing and applauding this brave waiter who spoke up and truly made a difference to a 5-year-old…and the world.

Michael Garcia, Waiter Who Defended Boy With Special Needs, Gives Donations Away
The Huffington Post  |  By Eleanor Goldberg Posted: 02/11/2013 2:47 pm EST  |  Updated: 02/12/2013 8:28 am EST

A gallant waiter who gained national attention for defending a child with Down Syndrome is continuing to use his voice -- and some unexpected donations -- to raise awareness for kids with special needs.

Last month, Michael Garcia became a champion for kids with special needs when he refused to serve a family that made an offensive comment about Milo Castillo, a 5-year-old child with Down Syndrome sitting nearby, Houston’s 29-95 blog reported.
5-year-old Milo Castillo found a defender of his right to enjoy every day pleasures.
His Knight in shining armor...the waiter at a restaurant his family dined at.
The family of four had requested another table and one guest told the 45-year-old server that "special needs kids should be kept in special places," according to the blog.

But after declining to serve the family, Garcia’s one act of kindness spurred hundreds more.
The story quickly made headlines across the country and supporters have since sent him cards, gifts and donations in excess of $1,000, according to the Houston Chronicle.

While Garcia said he appreciated the outpouring of funds, he wasn’t interested in keeping any of the money. He decided to donate it all to Milo’s school, the Rise School of Houston, the city’s first and only school that offers an integrated learning environment to children born with Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities, the Chronicle reported.

The money will be used for a scholarship fund, according to FOX News.

"When you have something like this with someone who had no reason to be kind -- he doesn't have relatives with special needs, he's not a teacher -- but he did it out of a sense of what was right and from his heart, it gives us this hope," Ashley Kress, the school’s development director, told the Chronicle.
The school thanked Garcia for his generosity and outspokenness by throwing a celebration in his honor. But the kind waiter told Fox News that his main objective is that the story raises awareness and inspires more tolerance for kids with special needs.

“The children are the real heroes,” he told Fox News. “I don’t feel like a hero in any way. It’s the children. That’s what this is about, helping the children.”


Jo's World said...

Don't you wonder what this father had to say after the waiter tried to help him understand? Milo is such a beautiful child its hard to imagine anyone not wanting to be near him.

Thanks, Army, for sharing this lovely story.

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Jeanne Pursell said...

Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story. What on earth was wrong with those people??? The waiter is an angel on earth.

Jacqueline said...

Such a wonderful story=YAY for that waiter!!...Happy Valentine's Day, sweet friends...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

Random Felines said...

Mom had read the story about when it happened, but hadn't heard about his donation to the school. The world needs more people like him!! Happy V Day!

Ginger Jasper said...

Such a beautiful child and it just makes you wonder at the mentality of the person serving him. we also got this story over here and I am so glad to see the follow up and all the support. To see what the family did with the money is a joy.. Good triumps over evil.. ugs GJ xx

Brian said...

That is such a wonderful story!

meowmeowmans said...

I LOVE this story. Happy Valentine's Day, and love for you every day of the year. :)