February 9, 2013

White Dog pushed Steve toward the door. "Don't listen to her. She is just being nice. GO! Get some cream for dog's sake!" The Little White Dog of My Heart knew that after four days of no morning coffee that I NEEDED my morning beverage of choice. "Remember," I feebly shouted after Steve as he exited, "It is not just for me but for the entire White Dog Army Coffee Club!"

With sickies in the house, first Steve and then the WDA, we have not been to the grocery this week. The delicious white stuff that turns ground beans into ambrosia ran out early in the week so consequently we have been coffee-free...but not happily.

The WDA Coffee Club drinks its java fully one-half heavy cream and one-half coffee. So the cream is a vital ingredient. Interestingly only the boys, Quinn, YoYoMa and Oso, partake; the girls sniff and look at us as if we were crazy.

Steve returned from his quick walk over to the Co-Op without  a bag; YoYoMa gasped in fear that the store had run out. Saving resources, Steve had, after paying, simply placed the container in his jacket pocket. We had cream!!!

Coffee was already brewed in anticipation. It was time to call the Coffee Club to order:
YoYoMa, founding member of the WDA Coffee Club
Oso moves in for his turn. "Don't hog it all!

Quinn comes in over the backs of his brothers for his share of heaven.
And I get the rest after wrestling the cup away from my clever boys who try to use their chins to hold the cup down or dive there snooters deeper into the cup as they keep walking forward following my motion to pull the mug back.

We all do agree...a morning without coffee almost requires a return to bed!

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GOOSE said...

My MOM loves it but I am with your girls...no thank you. I am surprised there is anything left for you.