March 11, 2013

White Dog and the White Dog Army were having a hard time keeping up with all of the small adjustments of the new week. For the most part, they handled it with WDA aplomb...by napping a lot...and complaining.

First, the weekend brought us Daylight Savings Time. "Lose an hour? How can THAT happen?" the sleepy ones wailed as the adjusted alarm clock chirped. They looked to Steve as he headed in for his early morning class time. "Don't look I me. I hate it as much as you all do."

Then they discovered that Michael was on Spring Break all week. He had not let anyone know and the date had arrived unnoticed. "Hey momma," White Dog alerted me this morning (by standing on the bed at my face and hitting me with a paw until I opened an eye). "It is getting really late and Michael has not left for school yet." "MICHAEL!" I looked at the clock, pulled on some clothes and called downstairs. "Michael! You are going to be late get moving!" The White Ones barked down the stairwell to reinforce the urgency of my message. Finally a tousled head in an old t-shirt appeared. "I don't have school; it is Spring Break. Didn't you remember?" "Ummm, No. All Righty then." White Dog ducked out of the room so she wouldn't get blamed for obviously waking him on a sleep-in morning.

Becks and Josh received keys for the apartment next door. Becks spent all day coming and going between the two houses as she cleaned and scrubbed and started to make the space her own. The WDA wanted to go supervise and were frustrated that Daisy and Maple were able to explore the new space and be the bosses as Becks worked.

At the end of the night, they received a wonderful surprise when Steve arrived home early on his usual late night. It was the final test and presentation for the quarter and the class completed their duties by what is normally just breaktime. We all had a chance to actually enjoy dinner AND the remaining episode of the weekend's Glee Marathon before lights out.

"I still want to know who is responsible for this losing time thing," White Dog muttered.


Sagira said...

We don't like losing an hour but like the extra sunshine in the evening. Hope Michael enjoys his spring break and hope you're feeling better.

Brian said...

I am still looking everywhere for that lost hour!!!

Jo's World said...

Me too, White Dog! I don't like changing times twice a year. Who is responsible for this! Arizona doesn't do it! wHY DO WE HAVE TO??

Crabby Jo

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am so confused too.