March 17, 2013

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army followed Steve out to the storage shed bright and early. The shed is chock full since we condensed to accommodate Becks and Josh staying with us and the White Ones were wiggy-waggy excited by smells of objects that Steve and Josh took out. Finally, they found the treasure sought...our old beautiful wood coffee-table in the Japanese style of low tables, which lived in our front room until the size of the WDA made such a object too big for maneuvering. We were giving it to Becks and Josh for their new home next door knowing it will be loved and the memories respected.

Today was moving day! Although they are moving about 100' away, it seemed a bit sad as they carried their belongs from the cozy little space where they have made their start to the duplex next door. We are joyful and so very proud that their plans are coming together so quickly and successfully. The poodle girls, Daisy and Maple, were on hyper-drive and White Dog exhausted herself barking orders for them to stay calm and follow the rules of safety.

It WAS exciting. Some of the Army kept watch from the back deck as things went OUT of the Studio; White Dog watched from the couch as things were carried across the drive (and later when curtains were being hung in their windows); Puff watched the activity from the Watching Chair as they moved around to the front of their house to put things IN. YoYoMa, on the porch, sniffed mightily and swung his head every which way, listening to the action; Oso hung at his side intently following his brother's every move.. Unphased because he understood they were to be right door, Quinn napped in the doorway; Nuka came out of the office periodically to check the status of things and then took Quinn's advice about resting in sunpuddles.

At six or so Becks and Josh came in to take a break and have some food. They were tired from their efforts but glowing with the thrill of having their own house. The poodle girls love the extra inside space but miss having a yard to romp in. The WDA generously offered our yard for off-leash fun when they needed it.

Tonight seems very quiet. There was no light in the Studio and no goodnight trip to the yard for the girls. The WDA went out looking for them several times and were rattled a couple of times to hear their bark coming from NEXT door instead.

Like Becks says, "all we need to do is rig up tin can phones and it will seem like we are right next door!"


rottrover said...

The WDA and Humans are wonderful friends!

Brian said...

Oh yes, the old "so close, but yet so far" thingy. At least they are within shouting or barking distance!

Random Felines said...

it must be strange - close but not quite there.

the tin can thing made me laugh. when my mom was a kid, she and her family lived across...the driveway...from her grandparents. They had a phone system between the two houses - it was still working when I was a kid. You cranked up the phone and it rang in the other house. No idea how it worked, but my parents still have one of the phones. :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh their not so far away.