March 23, 2013

White Dog, Oso, and YoYoMa had the help of the entire White Dog Army as they put together their costumes for the Eggs and Beggin' Easter Parade and Contests. Not every one could go because Puff is in heat, Nuka has a nasty cold, and Quinn is in charge of minding the White Dog Ranch...but everyone wanted to have a part in getting the contestants ready.
White Dog and I had a conceptual Black/white thing going as we readied for the look alike competition.
Steve and Yo were working up a macho guys theme; the WDA was still fine tuning their accessories and attitude.
Our little March Hare, Oso, still missing his pocket watch was not too sure about the bunny ears...he became even  less convinced at the Park where the gusting winds kep pulling and pushing at them.

When we got out of Pumpkin at the Park, we thought we had made a mistake. There was no sign; there were no little booths; no registration table...only one lonely little food truck. The wind was gusting at over 40mph and the temperature was just above freezing. Steve discovered that registration was taking place in the lobby of the field house so we five pushed through the blasts of icy air that kept blowing poor Oso's adorable bunny ears flat against his back and went in to sign up. The lobby was tiny and the staff totally flustered by the weather since everything was to take place outdoors.

We went outside but it was too cold to stand around; we joined all of the other participants who had retreated to their cars and were sitting, engines idling waiting for the mile-long parade to begin.

YoYoMa has a terrible reaction to howling winds. Even at home he hides in the crate and shakes and whines. The wind was rocking the van and he was clearly getting very upset, which made Oso whimper. We still had nearly a half hour to wait for the beginning of the festivities.

A few more minutes convinced us that we were not the hardiest of inclement weather White Dogs...or humans. We left before the Event began, announcing we were all winners and stopping to bring home egg and bacon breakfast burritos for all.


Jacqueline said...

Love to see your awesome photos=you guys are all just beautiful!...We hope precious Nuka and adorable Puff feel better soon...It's the thought that counts and we're glad you all decided to get warm and share a yummy breakfast together!...Have a fun week, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Brian said...

Y'all are sure looking hoppy festive and it sounds like quite the fun time!

Ginger Jasper said...

Well I think you all look so super and you are all winners in my eyes.. I think you did the right thing heading home to the warmth.. Hugs GJ xx

Jo's World said...

'ats what I would have done, headed for home and warmth!

Great costumes though and you all look Fine!


Sagira said...

I am glad that you are posting more photos. I just love the photos, you can just feel the love in each picture. :)

Kari in Alaska said...

You guys will look GREAT!

Stop on by for a visit