March 28, 2013

White Dog put her paw gently on Dr. Julia's knee; we were sitting with her, Cindy, Nuka and Steve in the examination room. White Dog insisted on joining the planning session this morning regarding Nuka's continuing pancreatitis attack. "There is no doubt you are the best vet in the world," WD told her, "but medicine only goes so far. I have been forced to call for Power of The Paw to intervene. There is nothing in the Universe more powerful. Please do not be insulted." Dr. Julia then listened at the progress Another White Dog made overnight as Steve spoke for the girl resting on the examine table.

"Last night Nuka swallowed two and a half syringes full of Ensure, was drinking some but on her own from the bowl, went out on her own power and will through the dog door to take care of business, and was social with the rest of the White Dog Army for over an hour," Steve reported.

Both Dr. Julia and Cindy were mightily impressed. "It was the POTP," WD insisted. "Must be your powerful network," Dr. Julia agreed, "you have gotten better results than we have." Based on these signs of improvement we formed a modified plan. Nuka would spend the morning with Dr. Julia and receive one last round of IVs; Steve would pick her up right after lunch and she would come home. They showed Steve how to give hydration subcutaneously so we had an emergency back up should AWD stop drinking again. They sent home the vet/canine version of Ensure and pain medication. We decided to focus over the weekend on promoting the healing that was happening and reassess things on Monday. "Let's get her back to eating and drinking as our first priority and if necessary we can look at other possibilities once we see her blood work again," was Cindy's advice and we all agreed.

Back home in the afternoon, Steve placed Nuka in my arms and brought in a surprise for the White Dog Army which has been such an incredible support for their sister...tacos! While we syringe fed Nuka two full syringes of Ensure, each of the WDA enjoyed half a crunchy delicious taco. After, we put Nuka on the floor. She made the rounds of every one's bowls, sniffing then moving on. She helped herself to a long drink of water then joined us all in the living room.

The plan is to transition our girl from Ensure to the vet-provided supplement to baby food via syringe by Monday. If she is actually eating on her own by then, there will be a HUGE happy dance. As long as she eats by any means and keeps it down, we are to consider it progress. She will visit Dr. Julia on Monday first thing and we will test her enzymes and gall bladder numbers. It is our hope that this feeding and more normal activity will jumpstart her pancreas. She is not out of the woods yet but at least she FINALLY seems to be moving down the path.

She spent the rest of the afternoon napping but came out when the rest of the WDA ate dinner. It is Steve's late night so she must wait for her next feeding but she wanted to be cuddled in my arms, then headed outside again. She came back and stood in front of me, wagging her tail (my heart sang). I unscrewed the training treats jar and she moved closer. The rest of the White Ones appeared on cue (no matter where they are each one knows to come running when they hear a jar rattle). I went down the line offering each dog one of the small cheese flavored dog cookie bites. "These are because Nuka asked," I told each of them. They wagged "thanks."

I did not really expect her to eat one but held it out to her. She sniffed it and turned her head but as I held my hand out she turned back and sniffed it some more. She opened her mouth as if to take it and then changed her mind. "That is OK, sweetie," I said. But then she moved forward and gently took the crumb into her mouth. Again I expected that she would spit it out but she didn't. As she cautiously chewed every eye in the house watched. She did not want a second one but inside, the WDA and I were howling in delight at the hope her single action sparked.

Power of the Paw is the most awesome force in the Universe. Our loving community makes miracles happen and we are beyond grateful. During this weekend of hope and renewal please continue to keep our Nuka in your thoughts...you truly are making a difference here. Thank you on this VERY Thankful Thursday.


Jo's World said...

What a most encouraging post for Nuka and the WDA!

We are hopeful for a good weekend at home and an all systems go for Nuka Monday am.

I too, am a believer in POTP but what I most believe in is home and family and I think they are healing this girl, equally.

Cheers and hugs all around,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Sam said...

We are sending all the love and healing thoughts we can for her. The POTP does amazing things.


Ginger Jasper said...

Power of the paw indeed and you have our purrs love and thoughts going out to you. Come on sweet Nuka you can do this. Hugs GJ x

Brian said...

Come on sweet Nuka, your kitty cheering section is here, and we are not only cheering you on, we are purring and praying for you around the clock.

meowmeowmans said...

These are promising signs, and we are all purring and praying for more. We love you, Nuka, and we send you all good things and healing thoughts.

Jacqueline said...

Just checking in to say we are still purring and praying for precious Nuka to get well asap; we are very encouraged that with your love and support, your little sweetheart will get better each day...Happy Easter weekend, lovely friends, we love you all...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Random Felines said...

That is wonderful news - we know Nuka may not be completely there yet, but we are sending lots more purrs and know she is in great hands and paws.....

Little Reufus said...

Bower ob the Baw, indeed!!! Ensure... and Tacos!!! Count me in!!! Yeur Army iss juss awesome. Yeu are deuing all the right fings!!!

wif lubbs from Little Reufus.