March 3, 2013

White Dog listened as Becks and Josh went out for an early breakfast. "Probably aren't even hungry, just need the bathroom," she commented. Steve was already on the phone calling the plumber. He came into the room, "Double hourly rates for Sunday AND we are number FIVE on the list!" he announced. "I am going to see if Michael wants to ride along for a post-birthday coffee and potty break."

The plumber arrived at 1pm; I had already called Dragon and Sen-ge to put our Park plans on hold. The water in Michael's toilet was now black and the house was beginning to smell.  At 2, the plumber told us that the problem was 55' from the front of our house (in the street) and that he suspected the line was broken. For another $125 (the weekly rate, a bargain) he could put a camera on the end of the snaking tool and we could have a look and see exactly where the issue occured. There was a break clearly in the street and would require tearing up the city street to fix...something the weekend on-call plumber could not do.

It seems in Albuquerque homeowners are responsible for the water/sewage lines from the house to the point where the lines tie into the city main...in our case in the middle of Hermosa Drive, our street. So we will have to pay not just for the repair to the broken line but also for the excavation and re-ashpalting of the street. The plumbing company's estimator for this type of work does not work on the weekend. Nor does our home owners insurance agent.

On Monday the estimator will advise us of the cost and when the work can be scheduled. In the meantime we are not to run water or flush lest we flood the basement again nor can we put paper down the system. The WDA is fascinated that TP now is being bagged like their poop bags. We are, in essence, without the amenties running water and facilities bring.

Tonight we have arranged for a room at one of the inexpensive hotels around the corner on Route 66 for Michael, where he can call and we can quickly come if he needs us. He thinks this is a grand adventure, fortunately and is not frightened or nervous. Becks and Josh, thanks to her mom's hotel points are staying near work in an unexpected "get away night" that includes not just running water and a shower, but also a swimming pool, sauna, and workout room.

Steve and I are staying at home with The White Dog Army. They are already nervous and unsettled by the past two days of non-routine. Daisy and Maple are in the Studio under our overnight care. With everyone else gone there is less strain on the plumbing so we should be able to get by...plus we took advantage of the restaurant's lovely facilities after dinner with Candace and Gregg (who both find this a bit funny but who have offered to come and help dig out the line).

Like Michael said, "This sure is a 21st Birthday weekend I will ALWAYS remember." I just hope that it will not stretch out to be days and days.


24 Paws of Love said...

OUCH! So sorry to hear about Micheal's birthday and all your plumbing problems. Been there before. Hope everything gets fixed quickly and without more hassles.

Hang in there!

Amber DaWeenie said...

EEEKS...This sounds like it's going to be very expensive. Sure hope that some kind of insurance covers the cost of the repair. We have all our paws crossed for a fast turnaround of all this bad luck.

Brian said...

Oh that is awful. We sure hope is all gets fix soon, and at a reasonable cost too.

Wyatt said...

Yikes, that does sound bad. Never heard of the homeowner being responsible past the curb.
Paws crossed for you, that the invoice is tolerable.

Wyatt's family

Jo's World said...

What a bummer, WDA! I hope that your homeowners will cover this because it could sure be a big one.

We will be thinking kind, and sweet smelling thoughts for you!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Jacqueline said...

Best of luck with the repairs, sorry about the inconvenience and expense=it doesn't seem right for you guys to have to pay for the road...We hope you all end up having a happy week ahead, precious friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Jacqueline said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Michael as well!!...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

Tweedles -- that's me said...

ohhh no!!!!!!!!!!!