March 8, 2013

White Dog summoned the rest of the White Dog Army and they stormed out onto the deck where she led them in angry howls to the Universe proclaiming "NO!!!!!"

This was "Friday is our Saturday" and after a week of darkness, positiveness had reentered our lives and we looked forward to a fun trip to the Park and a car picnic for lunch. And we were just about ready to go...

...when I turned green and rushed back into the house barely making it in time.

It was my turn to face the stomach bug that first Michael and then Steve had experienced over the past week. I sat drained on the floor in the bathroom and soon felt the cold nose and soft furs of White Dog pushing under my arm. She sat in my lap as the others crowded in to press close and offer comfort.

"I am SO sorry, my White Loves! I know we were all looking forward to today but I think I am out of commission for the next 24 hours." I saw no anger or disappointment, only concern as I looked into six pairs of serious dark eyes.

"Come on," Steve said from the doorway, "we need to get momma wrapped up and more comfortable. And she is going to need some very skilled and loving nurses. Any volunteers?"

I spent the rest of the day wrapped in an afghan and surrounding by a cloud of white attendants...miserable in body but feeling safe and cared for.


GOOSE said...

Sure hope you get feeling better real soon. But with all the loving attention you are surly getting I am confident you will.

rottrover said...

Th best nurses still wear white! Hope the bug has "passed".

Jo's World said...

Steady as you go! Get well as fast as you can, with all those nurses, it should be easy!

Cheers and hugs,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Kari in Alaska said...

Oh I hope the bug goes away fast

Stop on by for a visit

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh dear me.....So sorry that nasty bug caught up with you too. Sending all 40 crossed paws and lots of warm Florida sunshine vibes to chase that bug away and then swat it. Feel better soon.

Sagira said...

Oh no I hope you feel better soon

Peta Love said...

'a cloud of white attendants' - too gorgeous! LOVE

Brian said...

We are all sending you our best purrs and we sure hope that all better finds you soon!

ra husky said...

Healing husky woooos,

RA, Isis & NanĂ¼k