April 11, 2013

White Dog and The White Dog Army are Thankful on this Thursday that today is National Pet Day. It is a day designed to celebrate  the joy that pet companions bring to our lives. At White Dog Ranch every day is a grateful sharing of the richness and sense of completeness that each member has added to our day and to our family. Today we took extra time with each of the White Ones to remind them of their day of joining the Army, how much they contribute to our Pack, and how uniquely special they are to all of us...and we celebrated with extra treats (which even Nuka enjoyed).
But there is a sad reason that this day was created. More than 16,000 pets die in shelters on a daily basis unloved and homeless. Many more roam the streets and are feral. If each person who reads or hears about National Pet Day takes the time to share with one other; imagine the awareness that will be raised! And if one out of every 100 people who hear makes the decision to volunteer at a rescue or shelter, to foster or adopt, or to sponsor community efforts to decrease the senseless deaths (667 per hour)...what a difference will be made!

Finally, in recognition of Preventing Animal Cruelty month, National Pet Day advocates for a pet population that is spayed or neutered, that is treated with compassion by an educated public, and that is appreciated as valued members of their families (not yard living or chained accessories).

Spread the word...and celebrate your furred ones!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Pet Day is a good thing,,,,
a reminder to all of us- to be kind to us furry ones, and its a good time to get extra treats.

haopee said...

I agree! Spaying and neutering will dramatically reduce these deaths! I do hope all owners will do the responsible thing.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Sure hope those high numbers can be reduced each year (or each day) until we can reach zero!

Brian said...

Spay and Neuter is a must, even for politicians that refuse to help!

Anonymous said...

We just picked up our newest girl fom animal control today. Perfect timing for National Pet Day. She was spayed yesterday and was in heat so I figure we saved more than one. We ALWAYS spay and neuter our pets and have been working on the neighborhood feral cats. Why can't people figure this one out?!? Becky

KB said...

I didn't know about national pet day. Thanks for honoring such an important day, together with its important goals.